In-Vehicle Computers

Kontron has delivered proven, ruggedized computer solutions for years in the in-vehicle market. These time-tested products provide a wide range of standard and easy to customize certified computers and solutions to meet the growing application-specific requirements in the transportation market. Designed to ensure stable, non-stop operation in extreme conditions and ever-increasing processing requirements, our reliable in-vehicle computer platforms are in use by trucking, emergency vehicles, fleet management, rail, bus, and transit systems in the United States, Europe and Asia. These embedded systems feature the latest in processing technology, in-vehicle power, secure connectivity solutions, certifications and can be configured to your specific program requirements. Our application-ready, non-proprietary systems offer easy integration with software and hardware expansion like remote monitoring, IoT sensors, safety and more. Kontron’s open architecture platforms are designed to meet the diverse IoT requirements of the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Industry. Accelerate your deployment of next generation connected vehicles with Kontron’s wide portfolio of in-vehicle solutions.

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In-Vehicle Computers

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