Kontron Transportation Computers

The dependency on electronics has grown with each generation of embedded transportation system. With our extensive and proven history of successful embedded computing deployments, Kontron understands the need to provide technology that enables continued advancements, expansion and long-term value. Kontron provides transportation system designers with a highly flexible COTS-based product family. Our innovative features offer a streamlined platform that brings railway-specific functionalities and design value to the core to dramatically reduce OEM time-to-market and meet cost of ownership goals.

Fahrzeug Computer

In-Vehicle Computers

Kontron's In-Vehicle computers offering easy customization to meet application-specific requirements

TRACe-TR Railway Computers

The Kontron TRACe family is a product range of fanless transportation computers offering easy customization to meet application-specific requirements


Fanless LoRa™ to MQTT IoT Gateway

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Fanless Railway Computer entry level Baseline

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TRACe V40x-TR Neu

Fanless Railway Performance Class Network Video Recorder

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TRACe-HMI Railway Display Computer

Specifically designed for transportation systems, Kontron’s new advanced fanless and maintenance-free touch-screen TRACe-HMI offers a flexible platform enabling developers of train control systems to quickly adapt functionality to different needs.

TRACe-NET Ethernet Switch

Kontron's TRACe-NET Ethernet Switch is an EN50155 fully managed Layer 2 industrial Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) switch with 8 10/100 megabit PoE ports and 2 gigabit uplink ports.


Industrial Ethernet Switch for Railway applications

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