Ethernet & TSN Switching

In the so called ‘brownfield’ applications, gateways connect the sensors in the field to the fog or cloud devices, which store and process the sensor information. These gateways normally provide fieldbus interfaces for real time communication and control.

In modern ‘greenfield’ applications, all sensors are directly connected to control and management computer systems by Ethernet. Ideally the sensor information contains time stamping information and will be transmitted in real time by the TSN standard (IEEE802.1 TSN).

The following Kontron TSN starter kit, the Ethernet switches and switching modules provide TSN functionality or at least time stamping of Ethernet packets by the PTP standard.

With its long experience in Ethernet switching, Kontron also offers services for semi or full custom Ethernet switching devices.

Network Interfaces / TSN

ESC1600-PTP / ESC2404-PTP Module

Fully Managed Layer 2/3 Ethernet Switch Core Modul

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At the eve of the IoT, embedded computers must be able to fulfill complex network infrastructure, mixing wired and wireless connectivity. Kontron relies on many years in the field to offer the most appropriate solutions, adapted to each industry segment.


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