Pre-Qualified HPEC Platform
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Pre-Qualified HPEC Platform

StarVX presents an optimal application-ready solution for radar and sonar systems that are expected to make a tremendous jump in a processing power and data I/O bandwidth. StarVX was designed to help developers dramatically streamline the process from design to field deployment of next-generation radar and sonar and imagine applications. Based only on mainstream IT technology (TCP/IP, PCIe, Intel® CPUs, Linux), and co-developed with Intel and PLX, StarVX demonstrates the breakthrough technology that restores matched I/O and CPU performance ratios.


Based on the 4th generation Intel® Core™ and Xeon™ processors deployed in the Kontron 3U VPX feature rich ecosystem, StarVX leverages Kontron’s extensive computing platform design capabilities in small, air cooled or conduction-cooled platforms.



StarVX - Pr-qualified HPEC Platform
» Compact 3U VPX Air and Conduction Cooled solutions » Turn-Key linux parallel x86 systems » Balanced I/O and CPU power » Up to 4GB/s board to board with TCP/IP sockets
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General Safety Instruction
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Kontron Services Brochure
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Kontron Services Brochure
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