M2M Technology

M2M Technology

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M2M Software

Intel architecture supports a wide range of OS options. The Kontron M2M System that is part of the Kontron M2M Smart Services Developer Kit comes preloaded with a 90 day free trial of Wind River Linux 4.1. Other OS options may be used by the developer as needed loading via USB from the external port. Additional drivers and BSP development may be needed to support the radios in the Kontron M2M System if a different OS selected. Some software companies may have this readily available in addition to other software needed to support M2M smart services.

Successful M2M deployments need additional software and services in the mix to ensure that data gathered by the M2M nodes can be processed and actions can be taken. Middleware providers have made this easier for the OEM by providing suites of software, M2M Application Platforms (MAP), that integrate the real-time data collected into business databases. Human error is minimized and audit trails are automated. Operational efficiency gains can help the enterprise save on downtime and field service calls by driving preventative maintenance rather than costly reactive situations. 

Besides providing the ability to integrate the real-time data many middleware and framework companies also provide transaction validation and verification services to ensure that billing from broadband providers is consistent with usage levels. 

MAP companies provide middleware and services SDK (software development kits) for development and for deployment. The differences are explained as follows:

  • Development SDKs: Middleware and services partners help companies who want to develop their own code and integrate the complete solution. Device APIs and Cloud Application APIs are provided to develop agent code and application connectivity. Toolkits are provided to integrate and troubleshoot connectivity with cellular modems. 
  • Deployment SDKs: Middleware and services partners provide a complete turnkey solution which includes cellular connectivity and existing relationships with the world’s largest carriers. There is no coding required, only configuration using a graphical design tool with point and click, drag and drop for quick time to field trial and golden image release for semi-custom volume production by Kontron. 

Smart services developers can help an OEM build the M2M software for the desired M2M smart services application.
Kontron and Intel work with the Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) worldwide that are serving the M2M marketplace. Kontron also provides software services to help OEMs in their product development effort. 
To learn more about our M2M Application Platform partner solutions please see MAP Partners.

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