Some embedded technologies are OUT faster than they became IN. Some, but not Kontron's COM Express® products based on the latest industrial standard for Computer-on-Modules! Since 1998, no other manufacturer has been so instrumental in shaping this standard, as Kontron has committed itself to developing a technology for three form factors: with future-proof industrial connectors and scalable processing performance, from Intel® Atom™ to Quad Core power:


Today, based on Kontron's experience and pioneering work for this future-proof standard, COM Express® modules and services are distributed - manufacturer-independent - under the own brands of a large range of suppliers and enjoy recognition all over the world.


Conclusion: In every single COM Express® module from Kontron there are more than 15 years of expert knowledge, guaranteeing the highest level of IT intelligence for your product. Since 1998, Kontron has been excelling with its experience in and support of COM Express® Computer-on-Modules. Starting with the design-in and continuing right through to active lifecycle management.


15 Years Expertise


» Most experience + biggest portfolio = greatest security for you!

More information on the COM Express® Computer-on-Module range, starter-kits, support, software and trainings from Kontron is available >> here

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