THREE form factors, ONE technology, 100% Reliability!

COMe-bSC# 125 x 95 mm COMe-cOH# 95 x 95 mm COMe-mTT10 84 x 55 mm
COM Express® basic
Consistent bandwidth, from
Intel® Celeron® to Quad Core power!
COM Express® compact
High-end graphics at an economy
price – consistently cost-effective!
COM Express® mini
Consistently developed
for extreme conditions!

Learn more about the COM Express® Concept

COM Express®COM Express® is the latest PICMG® standard - officially adopted in 2005 - for Computer-on-Modules (COM). For the form factors basic, compact and ultra, the dimensions and the advantageous connector concept are decisive success factors. With revision 2.0, which brought a forward-looking pin-out and numerous further improvements, the COM Express® standard forms the ideal technology basis for product success that is sustainable in the long-term. For more technical information, please download the PDF file." 

Renaming of Kontrons COM Express® products

Now that the latest COM Express® specifications will be released It’s official, our three COM Express® products — basic, compact, and mini — will completely comply with the COM Express® standard. We’d like to take this opportunity to simplify things for our customers by renaming our COM® Express products accordingly: in future, “COME-xXX#” is going to serve as the central identifier in our product names, followed by all the key information our customers are used to receiving: on the form factor, processor, chipset, and pinout. Highlighten als button oder link etc: Please find more details

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