Industrie Computer

At Kontron we don’t just repackage personal computer technology. Instead we develop true industrial computer platforms to enable tomorrow’s industrial production. Kontron’s IoT-ready KBox family is an industrial computer platform, designed to enable predictable productivity in a connected environment. Developed for smart automation, wartungsfrei (maintenance-free) and based on the Forever Young philosophy, it accelerates your time to deployment and optimizes TCO without sacrificing your innovative potential.

Kontron’s IoT ready industrial computer platforms, e.g. the KBox family, are designed to ideally prepare your production facility or asset for Industry 4.0.

Kontron’s KBox family is wartungsfrei (maintenance-free), minimizing total cost of ownership (TCO) while ensuring utmost availability.

By enabling maximum flexibility and upgradeability, the KBox family’s modular approach allows you to break through the obsolescence barrier.

The KBox family is designed for a variety of industrial applications. The real-time design makes it suitable as a controller platform, while the advanced graphics capabilities are a perfect match for your HMI – MES applications. Moreover, the built-in communication options and environmental specification make the KBox an ideal platform for remote monitoring applications.


Industrie Computer

KBox A-Serie

Kontrons industrielle lüfterlose Box PCs der KBox A-Serie finden in einem breiten Anwendungsfeld Einsatz: Von Feldbusumgebunden über die Prozesssteuerung bis hin zu industriellen Firewalls und anderen Embedded Anwendungen.

KBox A-103

Lüfterlose Industrie Computer Plattform basierend auf der Intel® Atom™ E38xx Family

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KBox A-201

Kompakte lüfterlose Industrie Computer Plattform basierend auf Intel® Quark™ X1011

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KBox A-202

Kompakte lüfterlose Industrie Computer Plattform basierend auf Intel® Atom™ E3845

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KBox B-Serie

Kontrons Embedded Box PCs der KBox B-Serie eignen sich ideal für Steuerungs- und Visualisierungsapplikationen. Die Kernkomponenten dieser einfach zu integrierenden Box PCs bilden Half-Size SlotCPUs.

KBox B-101

High-end computing performance in a small footprint based on miniITX with 4th Gen. i3/i5/i7

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KBox C-Serie

Kontrons Box PCs der KBox C-Serie sind ideal geeignet für den Schaltschrankeinsatz im Industrieumfeld

KBox C-101

Industrie Box PC für Schaltschrankanwendungen auf COM Express® Basis mit Intel® Core™ Prozessoren der 4. Generation

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