ACE Flight™ 1600 Gateway Router

ACE Flight 1600 Gateway Router
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  • Small Form Factor Avionics Gateway Router
  • Intel E3845 Quad Core Processor with 4GB ECC RAM
  • Integrated Ethernet Switch
  • Wireless Connectivity via 4G/LTE cellular modem
  • Qualified to DO-160G (pending)
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The ACE Flight 1600 Avioncs Gatewy Router is a multi-function wireless data loader, IFE cabin controller, local storage content loader, secure gateway router and optional WiFi enabled system. This innovative avionics gateway is able to adapt to all types of data upload scenarios and provides airlines with many secure options to quickly update IFE content like movies, music, eBooks, games, etc. Using 4G/LTE Advanced+ terrestrial modem, updating content has never been faster or easier while on the ground. The integrated or remote 4G/LTE diversity antenna provides for ease of integration and use. The on board Quad Core Atom processor and fixed storage provides a highly integrated application-ready platform. The Ethernet Switch provides four external GbE ports along with the two direct CPU extneral GbE ports.



ACE Flight 1600
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