Hjorth Klaus
Technical Service Function
Jack London
Mobility, Security
Günther Dumsky
Product Manager Rackmount Systems
Maria Hansson
Connectivity, Data & Analytics
Satish Ram
Connectivity, Mobility
Irene Hahner
Product Manager for Computer-on-Modules
Peter Mueller
Director of Productline Boards & Modules at Kontron
Ulrich Lissner
CEO and Owner of Profil Marketing OhG
Yanping Zou M.Sc.
Marketing & Business Development Manager at Aaronn Electronic GmbH
Nigel Parker
Freelance Journalist
Philippe Fondacci
Product Portfolio Manager
Bernhard Günthner
Managing Director of S&T Technologies GmbH
Jon Moseley
Alexander Squarra
Account Manager for industrial computer hardware and IoT solutions at Aaronn Electronic GmbH
Serge Tissot
Technical Strategy Manager
Stefan Lobmeier
Product Manager Motherboards & SBC
Dietmar Kolbus
Head of Project and Product Management

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