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Train Management System

  • Train Management System

    The AGC (Autorail Grande Capacité) from Bombardier is part of the latest generation of regional trains for local and long-distance travel. Kontron developed the hardware of the Train Management System (TMS), the Graphical User Interface (GUI) and the Remote I/Os of the AGC.

    The conductor and maintenance personnel use the GUI to access the TMS in real time. The TMS acts as the central system of the train and is also a gateway in between several networks like WTB, MVB, LON, CAN, Ethernet and wireless connections offering remote connections. The goal is to have a fast and transparent data transfer of the train’s core functions and to manage the passenger oriented comfort systems. The Remote I/Os are developed by Kontron to offer an optimized economic solution for I/O’s decentralized management on a network like MVB-, or Ethernet.

    The EN50155 standard for electronic railroad applications places heavy demands on the Kontron hardware. The standard assumes that electronic systems on trains will need to operate 24 hours a day for 30 years, or approximately 250,000 hours, without failure. This means that train management systems must be designed to withstand the toughest environmental conditions: extended temperature ranges (-40°C to +85°C), humidity, vibrations and power fluctuations. Even heat build-up and therefore energy absorption have to stay within narrow ranges: only passive cooling technologies are permitted.


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