Your Cost-Effective Choice? Kontron Latest 1U P4 Server!

Kontron´s newest I-Server 1616 is a 1U server with Pentium? 4 and powerful management function !

Kontron announces the latest rack mount server: I-Server 1616. It is highly value P4 server solution for who need P4 performance with budget concern. For Internet applications, it is used as a front-end dedicated function server to middle tier. This 1U server provides maximum performance in minimum space application as co-location, server farms and data centers.

Powerful and Flexibility Performance
I-Server 1616 supports one Pentium? 4 processor at speeds of 2.4 GHz at FSB 533 MHz and 2GB DDR SDRAM. The design provides the power needed to handle heavy web traffic and high-volume web-based transactions. It also has dual Lan which is single gigabit Ethernet paired with a single 10/100 Ethernet controller, satisfying the need for applications needing higher network throughput.

Powerful Server Management Functions
Besides, I-Server 1616 features latest iConsole server management functions allowing network administrators to manage any system issues easily and remotely. Such as IPMI 1.5(Intelligent Platform Management Interface)、 ASR (Automatic Server Restart)、Power Management、 System Event Log viewer ?and so on. For example, IPMI 1.5 allows the Network Administrator to perform remote server management via the Internet in the shortest time possible. If a problem arises from the server, the system is capable of sending a warning signal to the network administrator no matter where he may be at that time.

Storage Capacity Reduce total cost
If your are working within a budget, the I-Server 1616 with the IDE solution and RAID on board maybe the answer for you. IDE solution would reduce your system cost. Build in RAID controller not only support RAID 1or 0 function but also save PCI slots space and RAID card cost.
Furthermore, Kontron recognizes that maintaining maximum uptime is a vital cost factor in server applications. To this end, I-server equipped with Kontrons in-house designed chassis to meet industrial computer requirements. It designed with 2 swappable hard disk. Beside, Kontron offers various configuration options of CD-ROM/ DVD/ CD-RW and FDD device combo. This allows system integrators to fit variable application environment demand. For more information: .

About Kontron Asia
Kontron Asia Inc. Kontron Asia?s headquarter, supports Kontron sales and distribution efforts in the Asia Pacific region. The company also develops value line systems and solutions for Kontron worldwide. For additional information on Kontron Asia, please visit:

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