VIPer826 MediaGX Half-Size ISA Industrial Single Board Computer

Teknor´s Cyrix MediaGX-based VIPer826 industrial SBC delivers Pentium class performance in a low cost, highly integrated half-size design

Boisbriand, Quebec (Canada), February 10, 1999 - Teknor Industrial Computers, Inc. announced the release of the VIPer826, the worlds first Cyrix MediaGX MMX enhanced processor-based industrial single board for OEMs and System Integrators. It is a half-size SBC for PC/104-Plus, ISA passive backplane or stand-alone operation. The Cyrix architecture provides a highly integrated multimedia (data, video, and sound) capability delivering Pentium-class performance while maintaining an overall low cost structure.

Evolved from Teknors VIPer 486/Pentium-based half-size SBC series, the VIPer826 maintains the same high-integration design philosophy. The board features a Cyrix MediaGX MMX processor to 266 MHz, integrated 16 KB L1 cache, up to 128 MB of unbuffered SDRAM memory, VGA support for simultaneous CRT and TFT flat panel operation, PC 97 compliant
16-bit audio with AC 97 CODEC assistance, and Ultra DMA/33 IDE support. Also onboard are serial / parallel, floppy, keyboard and mouse ports; 10/100Base-TX Ethernet connectivity is optional.

"All the capabilities of a multimedia rich motherboard are now available on an industrial SBC for use with passive backplanes or stand-alone embedded applications," said Robert Dubi, President and General Manager at Teknor. "This is very important to medical and industrial users among others."

The Award Hi-flex BIOS, in Boot Block Flash memory with emergency recovery code, supports serial/parallel port remapping, keyboard disable, and console redirection. Other features include a PC/104-Plus expansion header, bootable CompactFlash disk support, a CPU temperature monitor, watchdog timer, power fail circuit, and a two year warranty.

"Analogous to sub-$1000 commercial PC products, the VIPer826 demonstrates our commitment to provide industrial computer technology leadership at an affordable cost," stated Dennis Aldridge, VP of Marketing at Teknor. "Never before has so much capability been offered in such a useful embedded computer form factor for so few dollars."

Lead Contact:
Inside Sales Department
Tel: (800) 387-4222
Tel: (450) 437-5682

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