Teknor´s VIPer825 Industrial SBC Delivers Full Pentium MMX Processing Power in a Reliable, Compact, Half-Size Form Factor at a Low Cost

Boisbriand, Quebec (Canada), January 15, 1999 - Teknor Industrial Computers, Inc. announced the release of the VIPer825, a low cost, Pentium-based half-size single board computer (SBC) solution for OEMs and systems integrators. It is backward compatible with Teknors 486-based VIPer805 SBC and priced well below the feature loaded Pentium-based VIPer821. The VIPer825 is a basic Pentium-based half-size SBC providing a Pentium or Pentium with MMX technology processor, 512 KB L2 cache, up to 256 MB EDO or FPM memory, PCI EIDE and CompactFlash disk support, serial/parallel ports, AT keyboard and PS/2 mouse, and a floppy disk interface. The PC/104-Plus expansion header provides access to ISA and PCI bus, PC/104 peripheral modules such as LAN and video controllers.

The VIPer825 features an Award BIOS, in Boot Block Flash with emergency recovery code, and supports a keyboardless, diskless or videoless operation, and Advanced Power Management (APM 1.2). The board also has a watchdog timer, power fail circuit, and a 2 year warranty.

"The VIPer825 addresses the need of embedded application developer to migrate for older 486-based SBC to the newer Pentium processor but at a cost compatible with their current solution," said Dennis Aldridge, VP of Marketing. "It is ideal for environmentally harsh, space and power sensitive industrial and telecommunication applications."

The VIPer825 expands Teknors current offering of VIPer industrial single board computers. VIPer is an acronym for Very Integrated Processor, which defines Teknors full line of PC/104 compatible, 486/Pentium-based industrial SBCs. The entry-level VIPer825 establishes a new price point and is the ideal half-size SBC, with long production life and technical support, for developers in data, telecommunications, medical, scientific, aerospace or industrial automation, control and data acquisition markets.

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Inside Sales Department
Tel: (800) 387-4222
Tel: (450) 437-5682
Email: sales@teknor.com

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