Teknor´s Slot-Saving PCI-943 Industrial SBC Features a Rugged Flush FlexMount Pentium II or Pentium III SECC Processor


Boisbriand, Quebec (Canada), March 2, 1999 - Teknor Industrial Computers, Inc. today in coordinated launches at the Embedded Systems East Conference in Chicago, IL. and at the Computer Telephony Expo Spring 99 in Los Angeles, CA., announced the availability of the full-featured PCI-943 PICMG-compliant industrial single board computer using Intels P6 architecture processor in the familiar Single Edge Contact Cartridge package (SECC). Featuring Teknors innovative rugged FlexMount mounting bracket (patent pending), the PCI-943 SBC is a powerful, slot-saving board with excellent shock, vibration and thermal characteristics. It supports a flush 64-bit Pentium II or Pentium III SECC processor, 512 KB L2 pipelined burst cache, high performance PCI Ultra DMA/33 IDE, Ultra Fast/Wide SCSI 3, and 10Base-T/100Base-TX Ethernet controllers. A 64-bit AGP SVGA CRT controller with 2 MB of SDRAM memory is optional.

"Coupling this leading edge industrial CPU technology with Teknors acknowledged excellent service and technical support, affirms our commitment to our customers needs for technology, quality and time-to-market advantage for their product plans and strategies." stated Robert Dubi, President and General Manager at Teknor.

The PCI-943 board uses the Intel 440BX with 100 MHz system bus, to deliver outstanding memory and I/O (Concurrent PCI) performance. System throughput is maximized with simultaneous CPU, PCI and AGP bus activities. It includes multi-transaction timing, enhanced write performance, a passive release mechanism and support for PCI 2.1 compliant delayed transactions. The PCI peripherals and Ethernet controllers are on the PCI Bus at Level 0. Superior reliability and data integrity are due to high level integration, support for Error Checking and Correction memory using up to 512 MB standard 100 MHz SDRAM/RSDRAM DIMMs. Also onboard are Universal Serial Bus and serial/parallel ports, and a floppy interface.

"By combining onboard IDE, SCSI, Ethernet and video controllers, with judicial placement of the memory DIMM sockets, and flush-mounting the Pentium II or Pentium III processor, weve provided our customers a very slot- and cost-efficient high-performance SBC," stated Dennis Aldridge, VP Marketing.

The enhanced Award Elite BIOS, in bootable Flash memory, supports serial/parallel port remap / disable, keyboard disable, remote operation/monitoring (VT100 serial port console redirection), and Advanced Configuration and Power Management Interface. In addition to ISA bus mastering, the PCI-943 supports 5 PCI bus masters, PCI-to-PCI bridging, and has internal high ISA bus drive capability. Other features include a hardware monitor (voltage, temperature, fan speed, and user-defined I/Os), hardware remote reset from serial port console redirection on serial port on VT100 mode, software controlled two-stage watchdog timer, power fail circuit, and a two year warranty.

The PCI-943 PCI/ISA industrial SBC is the preferred choice for 32-bit embedded application developers addressing high-bandwidth, data-/telecommunication, Computer/Internet Telephony, medical, scientific, imaging, military, aerospace, industrial control/monitoring and data acquisition markets.

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