Teknor´s Model PCI-941 Mobile Pentium. II Processor-based SBC Addresses High Performance - Low Power Markets

Montreal, Quebec (CANADA), June 2, 1998 - Teknor Industrial Computers, Inc. today announced the release of the PCI-941, the worlds first industrial single board computer using the Intel Mobile Pentium II processor in an innovative mini-cartridge package. The PCI-941 SBC delivers the advanced performance capabilities of the P6 micro-architecture while meeting the unique power consumption and slot requirements of the embedded market. It features a 64-bit 233 or 266 MHz Mobile Pentium II processor, 440BX AGPset, a 64-bit PCI Flat Panel / CRT controller with 2 MB of EDO memory and PanelLink interface, and high performance PCI Ultra DMA/33 IDE, Ultra Fast/Wide SCSI 3, and 10Base-T/100Base-TX Ethernet controllers.

"The use of this packaging of the Mobile Pentium II processor for the PCI-941 industrial SBC, provides embedded application developers with an ideal blend of high performance, low power, small packaging, and long product life" said Dennis Aldridge, Director of Marketing at Teknor. "This is very important to telecommunication, medical and industrial users."

Lead contact:
Inside Sales Department
Tel: (800) 387-4222
Fax: (450) 437-5254
Email: sales@teknor.com

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