Teknor to Provide Production Longevity for SBCs with the Pentium. II Processor Mini-Cartridge

Boisbriand, Quebec (Canada), May 25, 1999 - Teknor Industrial Computers, Inc. today, at the PC Developers´ Conference & Expo in Santa Clara, CA, announced it entered a Technical License Agreement to manufacture processor modules for its SBCs, using the mini-cartridge form factor and Intel Pentium II processors - Low Power. Teknor wants to assure its customer base of the long-term availability of the mini-cartridge based single board computers. Teknor is well aware of the sensitivity of telecom, medical and industrial PC users regarding long-term availability of components. This reaffirms Teknor´s long term commitments to its customers and the industrial SBC industry.

The SBCs using the Pentium II processor mini-cartridge form factor offers many advantages to the customer including good and simple power management capabilities, small footprint, mechanical ruggedness, low cost as well as a long-term production commitment.
Teknor targets mini-cartridge-based SBCs at datacom/telecom, computer telephony integration (CTI), industrial automation (IA) as well as medical applications, where reliability, low power ( 10 %) could successfully perform a turnaround in the first quarter of this year, the Taiwanese TMC could reach the break-even point. As a global player, the company was nearly independent of regional influences: 90% of total sales is made outside Germany, 56% outside Europe. In Asia, the highest growth with a current share of 12% could be achieved. According to the Kontron Board, the all in all very positive business development results from the diversification into several vertical markets with a simultaneous further improvement of the cost structure introduced in mid-last year. Kontron states that the moderate level of incoming orders in telecommunications could be compensated by high growth rates in automatization and logistics. Order entry increased from 42,4 mio DM in the first quarter of 2000 to 102,8 mio DM in the first quarter of 2001. Kontron will also have sufficient liquidity in future. As of 31 March 2001, the company disclosed cash values and non-exhausted credit lines of more than 80 million DM. The net equity ratio was approx. 64% of the balance sheet total of 446 million DM.

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