Teknor Introduces CompactPCI. Single Board Computer With Integrated High- Availability Controller Targeted at Datacom / Telecom

Healthy, PCI reset, board select = board present

Boisbriand, Quebec (Canada), May 25, 1999 - Teknor Industrial Computers, Inc. today announced the release of the cPCI-MXS. In addition to all the standard TEK-CPCI-1003 features, the cPCI-MXS includes a high-availability controller which provides 3 control signals for each of the 7 supported CPCI I/O slot (21 signals in total). These signals are used to detect the insertion of a Hot swappable CPCI I/O boards (Board Present/Board select), assert the board´s status (Healthy) and control its startup (PCI reset). New on the cPCI-MXS is also the SVGA controller (Intels 69K AGP Graphics engine with 2 MB of video memory integrated on-die) and the two 10Base-T/100Base-TX Intel Ethernet interfaces that are now based on Intel´s 82559 silicon (smaller and lower power dissipation than the 82558 silicon). High performance, low power consumption and high reliability comes from Intels 333 MHz Mobile Pentium II processor, which includes 256 KB L2 Cache and supports up to 768 MB of ECC SDRAM on three industry standard DIMMS.

"In todays high availability, telecommunications and telephony markets, CompactPCI single board computers are expected to be of small form factor and to include all central processor related features while at the same time provide a very high level of performance," stated Philippe Muraglia, Product Marketing Manager - CPCI at Teknor. "This board cost effectively addresses these expectations. With Intels 333 MHz Mobile Pentium II processor and High-Availability controller, the cPCI-MXS offers highest performance in the compact 8HP form factor within a low power dissipation envelope."

"The cPCI-MXS, like it predecessor, the TEK-CPCI-1003, is destined to become the telecommunication CompactPCI SBC of choice. The board truly represents the state-of-the-art industrial computer design," stated Robert Dubi, President & General Manager of the Industrial Computers Division "The cPCI-MXS is well positioned as a key enabling high technology product for fast growing datacom / telecom and CTI markets."

Coming soon... available beginning Fall  99

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