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CompactPCI computer with processor socket

Eching, Germany, 12 March 2002 - With the CPU boards CP301, CP302 and CP303 Kontron Embedded Computers offers especially rugged CompactPCI computers. Now, the new member of this CPU family, the CP304, goes even further than the other members of the family in fulfilling the customer demands for the most flexible selection possible for computing power and memory capacity.

In contrast to the CPUs of the 300 Family Kontron has equipped the CP304 with a processor socket. All Pentium III processors in the FC-PGA and FC-PGA2 cases are supported: From Celeron with 566 MHz and 128 KB L2 cache, through the Pentium III with 256 KB to the latest Intel. Pentium. III-S processor with 512 KB. The synchronous DRAM memory (max. 512 MB) operates at 133 MHz and is accommodated in a SODIMM socket.

Apart from the flexible computing power, the communication possibilities predestine the CompactPCI computer for applications in machine controllers or for constructing compact servers: Along with two Ethernet channels, the CompactPCI board offers two USB connections, two COM interfaces as well as a VGA-CRT or a DVI connector on the handle strip.

The new board is passively cooled and is available in a width of 8 pitch units and can alternatively be equipped with CompactFlash or a HDD microdrive up to 1 Gbyte or a 2.5 inch HDD.

For saving BIO settings and VxWorks boot parameters, the board has an E2PROM and a 2 Mbyte flash memory. Also, Kontron offers for the computer an extension of the standard BIOS to incorporate an Ethernet boot and preboot agent.

The single-height CP304 CompactPCI Computer will be available from May 2002.

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