Stingray: Kontron's Modular Multipurpose Workstation

Stingray: Kontron's Modular Multipurpose Workstation

HMI for Major Food and Beverage Manufacturers

Eching, Germany, February 1st, 2007 – Kontron announced its new workstation, the Kontron Stingray, a modular, hygienic IP65-rated HMI concept with a food-grade stainless steel front panel that protects against cleaning agents and other environmental hazards. The Kontron Stingray was conceived to satisfy the requirements of a large system operator in the food and beverage industry as well as the strict industry standards regarding the manufacturing of food and beverages and is now available as a standard product in the Kontron portfolio.

Orginally designed as a custom solution to the customer’s strict specifications, the Kontron Stingray combines reduced down times, straightforward retrofitting of existing information technology systems and an economical maintenance concept in a standard product.

The Kontron Stingray workstation is ideal for new or step-by-step-replacement of existing applications because the display, IPC unit with hard drive and power supply unit are separate modular components. In case of a failure, only the failing component needs to be replaced. If a further upgrade of the system is planned, the IPC unit or power supply unit can simply be added. An IP65-protected frame adapts the 15-inch flat screen for the various cut-out sizes for interfacing the Kontron Stingray with existing system mountings.

The Kontron Stingray’s modularity allows customers to reduce the number of replacement parts on hand to just a few components from a single manufacturer. No additional tools are required for installation of the unit, which considerably reduces down time. The ease of the Kontron Stingray’s installation allows in-house personnel the ability to replace any of modules at any time. Overall, the modular Kontron Stingray workstation assists in reducing the total operating costs for industrial IT hardware and optimizes the efficiency of production systems. The Kontron Stingray’s modular design is the right solution for large food and beverage manufacturers with a heterogeneous IPC infrastructure and their own IT service or system integrators.

The Kontron Stingray workstations feature Intel® Pentium® M processors and offer outstanding performance with especially low energy consumption; when compared to desktop processors, not only lowers energy costs, but is also particularly suitable for installation in small/tight fanless assemblies. Kontron’s exclusive, glass-on-glass touch-screen technology offers additional advantages over comparable solutions: the surface of the touch-screen is resistant to the scratches and corrosion that can appear with long-term use of other solutions, and delivers an improved image quality by means of an optimized transmission of the display graphics.

The Kontron Stingray workstation is available immediately. Please contact your local Kontron office for pricing.

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