Matthias Huber Elected as Vice President of the PC/104 Consortium

Matthias Huber Elected as Vice President of the PC/104 Consortium

Top priority: PCI Express

Eching, Germany / San Diego, USA, August 16, 2007 – Matthias Huber was recently elected as the new vice president of the PC/104 Consortium. He will be responsible for the activities of the Consortium in Europe, and share the work load with the second vice president Johnny Wang, Via Technologies, who represents the Consortium's interests in Americas. Huber, a graduated precision engineer, serves as the Director of the Embedded Modules Division for Kontron America and is responsible for the company’s PC/104 and Computer-On-Module products.

Two of the Consortium’s top priorities for Europe include increased awareness for the PC/104 and EPIC standards. Apart from public relations work, Huber also will turn his attention to the Consortium's top priorities for the upcoming term to incorporate PCI Express into the group's PC/104, EBX, and EPIC embedded computer form factor specifications. The effort to develop a PCI Express-enabled version of PC/104 was announced in July of 2006. The third goal that Huber will pursue is the promotion of the Consortium’s Products Directory, a huge PC/104 online database containing several hundred I/O modules, CPU boards and other PC/104 solutions:

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