Kontron receives multi-million-euro telecommunications order

Design win for around $70 million for state-of-the-art ATCA technology

Eching, Munich, September 10, 2008. Kontron AG, one of the world's leading providers of embedded computer systems, has once again generated a major design win in the telecommunications application area. As communicated by the company, a framework agreement has
now been signed with a major international telecommunications equipment provider entailing a total volume of around $70 million.
Kontron will supply the company with complete platforms for the latest so-called ATCA technology (Advanced Telecommunications Computing
Architecture) over the next five years. The new, high-performance ATCA technology is faster, more fault-tolerant, easier to maintain, and based
on a more cost-efficient standard technology than conventional backbone systems. All major telecommunications groups will adapt the
systems they have so far developed in-house to this new standard over the next few years. The total value of this technology within the
telecommunications area is estimated to be over $7 billion, with the embedded computer market share, which is relevant for Kontron,
standing at around 15%. Kontron has already signed up a number of major telecommunications industry customers for its extensive ATCA
product range. The start-up for the newly generated design win is slated for as early as the fourth quarter of 2008 with the field tests. The full
production volume - and consequently also sales volume - will be attained as from 2010, according to information provided by the company.

With a share of total sales of around 24%, telecommunications applications represent one of the highest shares in vertical markets at Kontron AG. The new ATCA technology is also being implemented increasingly in other application areas such as medical or security technology.

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