Kontron MicroTCA™ integrated platform awarded “Editors Choice” from eg3.com

Kontron MicroTCA™ integrated platform awarded “Editors Choice” from eg3.com

Kontron’s innovative platform is recognized for leading-edge MicroTCA™ technology

Eching, Germany/Poway, USA, August 14, 2008 – Kontron’s latest MicroTCA™ integrated platform, the Kontron OM6062, has been given the “Editors Choice” award by the staff at eg3.com – a leading technology website. eg3's Tech Choice awards honor innovative new products in key technology areas such as MicroTCA™ and Advanced Mezzanine Cards (AdvancedMC™).

"eg3 gave Kontron an 'editor's choice' award for their OM6062 MicroTCA™ product because by reducing costs with its simplified design it holds the promise of extending MicroTCA™ into new areas such as military, medical, and industrial,” explains Jason McDonald, Senior Editor, eg3.com. “It's an exciting example of taking MicroTCA™ to the next level."

“The Kontron OM6062 represents another example of Kontron’s commitment to the rapidly growing MicroTCA™ and AdvancedMC™ market where meeting the demands for faster time-to-market and leading-edge technology have become a necessity,” said David Pursley, Applications Engineer, at Kontron. “The Kontron OM6062 delivers high processing power in a small, compact unit and Kontron is pleased it has been singled out by eg3.com for an Editor’s Choice Award.”

While originally developed for the industrial market, the Kontron OM6062 MicroTCA™ integrated platform is also an ideal fit for any market that has the need for up to six AdvancedMC™ processing blades in a small footprint. Another key engineering advancement in the Kontron OM6062 is the double-width AdvancedMC™ module - the Kontron AM5010. Along with integrated graphics and hard drive, the Kontron AM5010 reaches unparalleled levels of performance thanks to either an Intel® Core™ Duo or Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor on board.

The Kontron OM6062 MicroTCA™ integrated platform is available now. For more information on working with Kontron on your next MicroTCA™ and AdvancedMC™ solution, please visit www.kontron.com/microtca

For more information on eg3.com, please visit www.eg3.com/etc-awards/

More information on the Kontron OM6062:
More about MicroTCA™: www.kontron.com/microtca
More about AdvancedMC™: www.kontron.com/advancedmc

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