Kontron Leads Industry in Development of New COM Express Specification

Kontron Announces Development Program for ETXexpress-PM, a COM Express solution

The much-anticipated COM Express specification, under development for nearly a year, was recently posted for member review on the PICMG website. COM Express represents the convergence of advanced computing standards including Serial ATA, PCI Express, USB 2.0, LVDS and Serial DVO in combination with highly-advanced computing devices employing serial differential signaling technology to meet the requirements of higher performance and I/O bandwidth in extremely compact form-factors. PICMG (PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group) is a consortium of over 450 companies who collaboratively develop open specifications for high performance telecommunications and industrial computing applications. Kontron, a market leader in embedded computing technology and active member of PICMG, has taken a strong leadership role in the development of this specification, beginning as the founding member of the sponsoring group of companies. The other companies who collaborated on the COM Express initiative are Intel(R), RadiSys, and PFU.
With the development of the COM Express specification well under way, Kontron has initiated development of a new ETXexpress line of Computer-on-Module (COM) products. The new ETXexpress-PM, slated for production in early 2005, will be one of the industry´s first COM Express solutions. According to Matthias Huber, Kontron Embedded Modules EPC Manager, "Kontron´s experience in COM technology led us to encourage the industry to develop this new standard. When the new standard for COMs is finally released later this year, Kontron will be ready to introduce new COM Express solutions, beginning with the ETXexpress-PM."

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