Kontron Introduces the First Modular Dual-Core CompactPCI System

Kontron Introduces the First ModularDual-Core CompactPCI System

Dual-Core Power for Hybrid CompactPCI Systems

Eching, Germany, 22 March, 2006 – The new, RoHS-compliant CP-ASM4 3U CompactPCI system with a Kontron CP307 CPU board and tailored configurable I/O expansion assemblies offers extremely robust high-end embedded computer technology with 2 GHz Intel® CoreTM Duo processor and virtualization technology and has long-term availability. It combines the most powerful low-power processor in Intel’s current range of mobile computing processors with robust 3U CompactPCI system design. 3U CompactPCI systems are attractive because of their compact construction, modular and front-side hot-swappable assemblies, long-term availability, and many years of tested scalable system topology. Thanks to their modular construction, existing CompactPCI solutions can be upgraded by using the Kontron CP307 CPU assembly. Systems with a dual processor core – which performs almost twice as fast as the Intel Pentium® M without significantly higher power consumption – are used, for example, in industrial robots, image processing systems, mobile data capture systems, or aircraft, rail, and nautical applications.

The modular CompactPCI system in detail
The CP-ASM4 CompactPCI system combined with the Kontron CP307 CPU board is equipped with the T2500 Intel Core Duo processor and the Intel® 945GM Express chipset. It offers users 2GHz processor frequency at 31 watts, 667 FSB, and 2 MB L2 cache. Alternatively, the systems are available with the L2400 Intel Core Duo processor with 1.66 GHz (LV) or the T3100 Intel Core Solo 1.86 GHz processor. The latter processor has lost one core, but it supports virtualization technology and so, aside from the lower performance and the reduced L2 cache, offers the same advantages for embedded systems developers. For applications in rugged environments, the Kontron 3U CompactPCI system focuses on an optimum balance of performance and robust design. The processor and 2 GB of the maximum 4 GB of memory are soldered. In addition, the fast 667 MHz memory access, onboard PCI Express, and Serial-ATA support guarantee high data throughput. DVI and VGA in dual-monitor operation, 2 GB Ethernet interfaces, up to 6x USB, and a wide range of I/O interfaces also via the rear I/O access round out the feature set. Particularly attractive features of Kontron 3U CompactPCI are shock and vibration resistant, robust plugs and the optional extended temperature range. Fields with tough environmental conditions are typical users of such solutions.

The balanced portfolio of front-side swappable I/O assemblies with comprehensive API support is also a decisive criterion for Kontron’s 3U CompactPCI. Kontron has a variety of in-house assemblies with Plug & Play functionality, which makes commissioning particularly simple. Five cards form the basic portfolio for Plug & Play: the Kontron CP371 Analog In, the first card from this concept, combines 16 channels (optionally 8) with 12 bit resolution and a basic precision of ±1LSB, the analog out requirement is operated with the Kontron CP372, which is also equipped with 8 channels (optionally 4), 12 bit resolution, and a basic precision of ±1 LSB. On the digital side, the Kontron CP381 Digital In delivers 30 channels, combined with programmable debouncing, input event detection, and input capture and compare features. Likewise on the digital side, the Kontron CP382 Digital Out offers 24 channels with an output voltage of 500 mA per channel and extensive security features, such as insulation of 2 kV, overtemperature protection, undervoltage, and overcurrent. The portfolio is rounded out by the Kontron CP383 Digital In/Out, which represents an ideal combination of the Kontron CP381 and Kontron CP382 with 16 channels in and 16 channels out. All of these cards have the same API and work with all standard operating systems (Windows in all standard versions, VxWorks, Linux). As total solutions, systems from Kontron are also available with certification for a wide variety of industries (e.g. FDA) as needed.

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