Kontron introduces new fanless PISA board based on Intel? Celeron? processor

Zero movement means progress in embedded computing

Eching/Deggendorf, September 15th, 2002 - High-performance embedded systems designed to be fully functional with passive cooling alone represent advanced low-power technology. The new PISA? board from Kontron is representative of such advanced low-power technology. It is the first and only half-size Slot-PC capable of running a fanless Intel? Celeron? processor (300 MHz). Freedom from moving parts makes this PISA design extremely reliable even under the roughest environmental conditions. Based on both an Intel? processor and chipset, the coolMONSTER/C3-300 supports the best operating systems and drivers available on the world of embedded computing, speeding up integration time significantly.

In addition to on-board ATi Rage Mobility graphics controller and 4 Mbytes of VRAM, the coolMONSTER/C3-300 comes standard with a JUMPtec Intelligent LVDS Interface (JILI). The JILI adapter automatically recognizes when various flat panel displays are connected to the system and sets video parameters accordingly. By taking advantage of the intelligent technology designed into the coolMONSTER/C3-300, developers achieve a highly advanced solution for complex embedded applications.

All Kontron coolMONSTER boards have common pinouts for all interfaces such as 10/100 Base-T Ethernet, USB, COM1-4, Mouse, Keyboard, CRT, IrDA, EIDE (2.54 mm and 2 mm), LPT, Dual Floppy and Sound. This is a standard feature of the product family and simplifies upgrading within the coolMONSTER Slot-PC product line. The processors used are not simply plugged in to a socket, but rather they are real embedded mobile CPUs that are soldered in place. Even the chipDISKs (16 to 256 MB) used to expand system capabilities screw securely into place maintaining not only the half-size format, but the stability that allows the coolMONSTER/C3-300 to withstand even the harshest demands placed on it by an application.

Sample boards are available now.

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