Kontron Introduces First nanoETXexpress™ Computer-On-Module for PCI Express-based Credit Card Sized Computing

Kontron Introduces First nanoETXexpress™ Computer-On-Module for PCI Express-based Credit Card Sized Computing

nanoETXexpress-VX8 Impresses with Low-Power Mobile Computing Performance

Eching/Nuremberg, Germany, November 28, 2007 – Today, at the SPS/IPC/Drives in Nuremberg, Germany (Hall 7 / Booth 7-306), Kontron introduced the first nanoETXexpress™ computer-on-module to pack low power processing performance and high-end graphics capabilities as well as PCI Express and Serial ATA interfaces on a credit card footprint of merely 55 mm x 84 mm.

The Kontron nanoETXexpress-VX8 is the first member of a new scalable family of nanoETXexpress computer-on-modules. Future members will also include nanoETXexpress COMs based on processors and chipsets from other manufacturers. This new form factor standard – initiated by Kontron – is the logical addition to the existing PCI and/or ISA based computer-on-modules standards, X-board and DIMM-PC.

Designed according to the pin definitions of the COM Express™ specification, the new Kontron nanoETXexpress computer-on-modules are ideal for the emerging generation of mobile embedded applications that require low power performance and the latest interfaces on the smallest form factor. These include hand-held units for the medical sector, mobile data solutions and other emerging applications that have not been possible as of yet due to size restrictions.

This nanoETXexpress computer-on-module offers outstanding processor performance up to 1.5 GHz, a highly integrated chipset, up to 400 MHz FSB and up to 1GB DDR2 RAM. For applications requiring extra graphics performance, there is an integrated graphics processor for accelerated MPEG2 decoding and extremely clear images. Dual Channel 18/24 Bit LVDS provide LVDS resolutions.

In order to meet current and future interface requirements, the Kontron nanoETXexpress computer-on-module supports one Gigabit Ethernet interface, a PCI Express x1 lane as well as two Serial ATA II ports. The two SATA interfaces are designed in accordance with the PICMG COM.0 specification to ensure that the COM’s connectors remain COM Express compatible. Since the Kontron nanoETXexpress computer-on-module follows the PICMG COM Express standard, it is 100 percent compatible with the COM.0 Type 1 connector. The locations of the identically mapped pin-outs are also 100 percent COM.0 compliant. Software support for Windows XP, XPe, CE, Linux and VxWorks rounds off the set of features.

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