Kontron HPEC Platform Chosen by Military Embedded Systems Magazine for Editor’s Choice Award

Kontron HPEC Platform Chosen by Military Embedded Systems Magazine for Editor’s Choice Award

Kontron’s HPEC super computer-like system matches military program needs for high-end processing

Poway, California – May 8, 2012 – Kontron today announced that its high performance embedded computing (HPEC) platform was selected for an Editor’s Choice Award by Military Embedded Systems Magazine. The Kontron 18 blade VPX-based HPEC platform was chosen by the editors for their April-May 2012 issue because of its ability to meet military programs’ needs for high-end processing. This highly integrated HPEC platform was developed to supply an immense amount of power in a small footprint. Military Embedded Systems Magazine editors continually assess innovative new technologies and products as possible Editor’s Choice award recipients.

"Thwarting the old paradigm of military programs sacrificing performance or facing a proprietary technology path, the Kontron HPEC platform delivers 1.44 Teraflops of compute density," on behalf of OpenSystems Media. "Described as a "supercomputer-like system" by the company, the DSP-suited HPEC platform comprises 18 of Kontron’s VX6060 Core i7 2 GHz (or more) computing nodes including 8 GB DDR3 memory on each board, in addition to 36 tightly coupled processors within the HPEC platform. Several switched fabric interconnects are housed in the backplane. And the 19-inch footprint HPEC platform is suited to radar, SIGINT, sonar, and video processing needs of UAV or aircraft programs."

The Kontron HPEC Platform
Using the strengths of Kontron’s substantial system and board-level platform expertise along with its experience in design and deployment of ruggedized systems for defense programs, the Kontron HPEC platform meets the needs of compute-intensive DSP-based systems. It is a VPX-based super computer-like system that accommodates up to 18 Kontron 6U VPX VX6060’s, powered by Dual Intel® Core™ i7 processor computing nodes, and employs 36 tightly coupled processors. Using an innovative VXFabric™ approach, which is a simplified API that Kontron developed to help accelerate the design process, Kontron’s new HPEC platform allows high-speed socket-based communication between blades by using multiple switched fabric interconnects within the backplane. The 72 core, 18-blade Kontron HPEC platform provides a breakthrough in compute density, up to 1.44 Teraflops (1.44 Trillion Floating Point Operation per second) in a small 19-inch footprint that delivers the high-performance computing power that is a critical capability for many of today’s military systems including radar, sonar, SIGINT and video processing for various aircraft or UAV programs.

To view the Editor’s Choice Award by Military Embedded Systems Magazine: http://mil-embedded.com/editors-choice/vpx-goes-hpec/


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