Kontron expands product portfolio to comprise future technologies

  • Cooperation with Texas Instruments in ARM architecture
  • Important design wins in civilian aerospace

Eching, Munich, September 14, 2011. Kontron AG, the globally leading provider of embedded computer systems, is expanding its product range to include so-called Advanced RISC Machine (ARM) architecture. Based on microprocessors that deliver particular savings in terms of power consumption, Kontron aims to develop its first own modules and boards before the end of this year for deployment in primarily mobile application areas for industry, medical technology, infotainment and energy – both on a standardized and customer-specific basis, and comprising a high degree of support in terms of software and interfaces. Systems such as tablet and box PCs are also to be offered with ARM technology in the future. "This allows us to optimally complement our existing product portfolio that is largely based on the x86 processors of our strategic partner Intel, thereby enabling us to serve our customers on a more extensive basis for applications that were previously not possible. ARM is advancing globally, particularly in the mobile area," commented Kontron CEO Ulrich Gehrmann. "With Texas Instruments supplying the ARM processors, we have also already located our first important partner."

Kontron also announces important design wins in the civilian aerospace area. The company will supply Lufthansa Systems in the future with video servers (ACE Flight 600), mobile Internet access points (Cab-n-Connect), and wireless passenger seat screens for use in airplanes. "Lufthansa required particularly light, robust and high-performing modules for its BoardConnect in-flight entertainment program. The know-how and enclosure technology of our American subsidiary AP Labs, which we acquired in 2010, and which we have meanwhile integrated, was successfully brought to bear in winning this order," as Gehrmann went on to comment. Kontron will also supply special Enhanced Terminal Wireless LAN units on a PowerPC basis to the Thales Group, a leading technology service-provider for safety and aerospace. These units allow airplanes on the ground to rapidly and securely exchange large data volumes with their airlines and airports via the Thales GateSync system.

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