Kontron ETXexpress-MC: a COM Express Eco-Design with Intel® Core2 Duo Processor and Intel® 965GM Chipset

Kontron ETXexpress-MC: a COM Express Eco-Design with Intel® Core2 Duo Processor and Intel® 965GM Chipset

The Most Robust and Power-Efficient Computer-On-Module Currently Available

Eching, Germany & San Diego, May 9, 2007 – Today, Kontron announced its latest addition to the family of ETXexpress® Computer-On-Modules – the Kontron ETXexpress-MC.

Built around the Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor (up to 2.2GHz) and Intel’s latest 965GM Express chipset that is part of the fourth generation of Intel’s Centrino notebook platform, the new Kontron ETXexpress-MC will offer optimized graphics features and will be the most robust and power-efficient COM Express solution.

The Kontron ETXexpress-MC will feature up to 800MHz FSB for outstanding performance. The clock speed can be dynamically reduced, as required by the operating workload. Thus, this module offers an improved fit for a multitude of embedded applications including those that are temperature and power sensitive. Additionally, the Kontron ETXexpress-MC design allows the processor to go into a deeper sleep state for even enhanced power efficiency. The chipset logic recognizes whether data is stored on the processor’s on-chip cache memory or in RAM. Consequently, the chipset does not have to wake up the processor to check the on-chip cache memory and unnecessarily draw on battery power. The inclusion of onboard TPM 1.2 ensures that the Kontron ETXexpress-MC will be a superior fit for applications that call for enhanced security options.

Along with these eco-friendly features, the Kontron ETXexpress-MC will offer support for GEN4 graphics to meet the requirements of embedded applications that require advanced video capabilities. It contains Intel’s Direct-X9 compliant Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) X3100 for piping video data through the pixel shaders. The integrated Display Power Saving Technology (DPST) 3.0 saves up to an additional 400mW of power by switching between progressive and interlaced display modes.

Planned for initial launch later this summer, the Kontron ETXexpress-MC will be one of the first COM Express pin-out type 2 compliant modules supporting fast dual-channel memory up to 4GB via two 533MHz or 667MHZ DDR2 SO-DIMM sockets positioned on the top side of the module. This latest COM Express solution has 5x PCI Express x1 lanes, 3x SerialATA ports, and 8x USB 2.0 ports along with Gigabit Ethernet to round out the list of standard features.

All Kontron ETXexpress COMs provide PCI Express, PCI 32, USB 2.0 and SerialATA that remain in the same physical positions on each module, guaranteeing scalability within the product family. An Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) for optimized power management is standard on all Kontron ETXexpress modules. Kontron’s ETXexpress family of COM Express Computer-On-Modules are fully compliant with the industry standard controlled by the PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturer‘s Group. The ETXexpress format represents a more cost-effective replacement versus time and resource-hungry full custom designs. Time to market is dramatically reduced and future upgrades are as simple as choosing a new ETXexpress CPU module. Therefore, the total cost of ownership of the end design is improved as well.

Samples of the Kontron ETXexpress-MC supporting Windows XP, 2000, XPe, CE and Linux will be available starting in Q3/2007.

Baseboard designs included as needed
OEMs that not only use modules or boards from Kontron, but also desire Kontron’s assistance in developing their entire hardware design -- including carrier board design – can take advantage of the benefits of Kontron’s Boards & MORE Custom Solutions and Services. Experienced developers implement the latest interface technology on carrier boards for COMs and develop customized single-board computers. Over the course of the last few years numerous layouts have already been successfully realized and mass-produced. Many customers use Kontron’s Boards & MORE service in order to be able to use their resources even more effectively for what they do best. Close contact with the customer’s developer team and professional project management during the entire product life bring the user further peace of mind.

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