Kontron Debuts the KISS-2U 19-inch/2U Server Family

Kontron Debuts the KISS-2U 19-inch/2U Server Family

Operates Even in the Hottest Situations

SAN JOSE, Calif., April 4, 2007 – Kontron announced today during the Embedded Systems Conference in San Jose, Calif. the new Kontron Industrial Silent Server 19-inch / 2U server family (KISS-2U). Equipped with a redundant power supply unit, a hot swap RAID 1 subsystem and the latest power-saving multi-core processors, the Kontron KISS-2U is one of the smallest and fastest high-availability servers that has ever been built for long-lifecycle and robustly designed applications.

This new server from Kontron is attractive both for professional data server applications in air-conditioned server rooms and for embedded applications in automation, medical technology, security engineering, traffic engineering and building control technology. Thanks to the especially robust design of all its components, the Kontron KISS-2U exhibits high performance with minimal power loss. The redundant design of its memory subsystems and power supply unit allows the quiet (

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