Kontron CRTtoLCD-6 flat panel controller with Analog RGB and optional DVI input

Kontron CRTtoLCD-6 flat panel controller with Analog RGB and optional DVI input

RoHS-compliant analog/digital Flatpanel Controller

Eching, Germany, March 22th, 2006 - Kontron expands its range of multimedia flat panel controller assemblies with the introduction of the RoHS-compliant CRTtoLCD-6 controller assembly, which converts analog RGB or digital DVI input (optional) signals into digital TTL or LVDS signals for TFTs. Applications include POS and POI terminals, gaming machines, and medical devices whose central computer provides analog VGA or digital DVI graphics output, and which are to be connected to flat panel displays. This is the scenario for most embedded CPU assemblies and the Kontron CRTtoLCD-6 graphics controller makes it easier for users to integrate attractive and increasingly economical TFTs into their systems. The controller can be used in any system because it does not require a PCI or AGP slot.

Kontron’s CRTtoLCD-6 multimedia flat panel controller assembly with integrated Genesis gm5621 chip provides resolutions up to SXGA. It can process input resolutions up to UXGA and scales the image to the appropriate size for the panel. The new Kontron CRTtoLCD-6 assembly is particularly notable for the improvement in its scaling algorithms compared to its predecessors; the shared power supply for the panel and controller provided by two board-specific PSUs, and a new 10-pin, high-power connector for backlight support (up to 4A), which is found on the version for LVDS panels. Also, the cost-performance ratio, which is usually excellent for CRTtoLCD boards, has been improved even further. The features of the board are exactly the same as of the quite recently released CRTtoLCD-5, but footprint is compatible with the previous CRTtoLCD-1-LC, making upgrades within the same product series very simple. This Form, Fit & Function Longevity is an essential part of the latpanel solutions of Kontron.

The flat panel controller is available with FLEX32 interfaces (for TTL) or JILI output (for LVDS) to the TFT. The JILI30 interface allows the control of single and dual port LVDS TFTs up to a data width of 2 x 24 bit, while FLEX32 allows the control of 18-bit TTL flat panels. A single 12 V power supply is plenty. The controller manages the power sequencing for the panel and the backlight support.

Cables included in the kit
As Kontron already offers a wide variety of panel cables, complete kits including cables can now be offered for most common TFTs. It is generally possible to adapt to other flat panel types on request and with minor expense.

Convenient keypad for on-screen display
An OSD (On Screen Display) keypad that can be used for changing settings and controlling the special properties of the Kontron CRTtoLCD-6 is available. The OSD configuration can be handled very easily via the keypad. Via the serial interface from a PC running Windows the configuration can be done by the very powerful new software tool “Kontron Configuration Workbench” (KCWB), which from now on will be the same for all new members of the CRTtoLCD-product family. A new type of adapter cable (KAB-COMtoTTL) that converts the RS232 commands into TTL signals is available as an accessory. Once settings are optimized, they can be saved as a file and called up at any time – even for other panels. The serial OSD control is ideal for use in mass production, as it makes it unnecessary to adjust each controller individually. The adjustment of the each flat panel is done, as is usual for Kontron, via special “panel files“, which guarantee an optimal display. Individual firmware adjustments can also be made quickly and conveniently with the KCWB-Tool as well. Control software and panel files can be downloaded from www.kontron-emea.com.

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