Kontron application-ready 4U rackmount server offers long-term operation for military server applications

Kontron application-ready 4U rackmount server offers long-term operation for military server applications

Tested and certified to MIL-STD-810F and 461E specifications with outstanding performance and reliability

Eching, Germany, August 24, 2011 – Today Kontron announced the 4U rackmount server KISS 4U PCI760 MIL-STD, the latest addition to the KISS server family which is specifically designed for long-term operation in land and naval based defense applications. This server platform has been tested and certified according to the MIL-STD-810F and 461E specifications and can be configured application-ready ensuring efficient development and time-to-market for military applications with the highest demands on performance, ruggedness and reliability.

To ensure the highest level of operational readiness, even under harsh environmental conditions, the Kontron KISS 4U PCI760 MIL-STD has undergone the testing procedures established by MIL-STD-810F. In addition to operational readiness in extremely high and low temperatures (-5 to +60°C operating, -25 to +85°C non- operating), repeated tests for shock and vibration resistance were also carried out. Further testing included the electro-magnetic compatibility (EMC) and electro-magnetic radiation (EMS) tests which were executed according to the MIL-STD-461E norm and test specifications. Through these tests, the Kontron KISS 4U PCI760 MIL-STD is ideally equipped for reliable operation in challenging military applications.

The Kontron KISS systems, designed for continuous operation, offer an MTBF of 50,000 hours (approximately 5.7 years non-stop operation), high availability and low maintenance costs. The fans used for the housing are field replaceable units and are integrated on the front panel for easy removal and replacement during operation which effectively reduces the time and effort required for maintenance. The lockable front cover offers IP20 protection and optionally IP52 protection is available against the dust and damp penetration. Furthermore, the power supply not only fulfils the requirements of MIL-STD-810F and 461E specifications but because of its integration in the housing is also a space-saving feature.

With its built–in Intel® AMT 3.0 remote management engine the Kontron KISS 4U PCI760 MIL-STD offers enhanced security, remote manageability and cost savings for the embedded computing market. System managers benefit from Intel® AMT 3.0 because they can remotely carry out tasks such as installation of a new OS or setting BIOS parameters without the need for additional remote management hardware or an on-site presence. With the Intel® Trusted Execution Technology and the on-board Trusted Platform Module (TPM 1.2), the Kontron KISS Server also offers high confidentiality for sensitive data transmission.

The system configuration in detail
The Kontron KISS 4U PCI760 MIL-STD offers scalable processor performance ranging from 1.8 GHz Intel® Core™ 2 Duo E4300 right up to the Intel® Core™ 2 Quad processor Q9400 with 4x 2.66 GHz cores for high parallel data processing with up to 8 GB DDR2 dual channel RAM. For data storage, Kontron integrates a robust 64 GB SSD to host the operating system and the program data as well as up to three 3.5" SATA HDDs with 500 GB in the Kontron removable disk carrier DA135. For top level data security the media can be connected in RAID 0,1,5,10 arrays via hardware RAID controller or onboard Matrix RAID. For application-specific configurations the modular KISS System offers 1 x PCIe x16, 4 x PCIe x1 and 7 x PCI 32 Bit. Two USB connections on the front panel and 2 x USB 2.0, 2 x LAN 10/100/1000, 1 x VGA und 2x RS232 on the back panel are also available.

The Kontron KISS 4U PCI760 MIL-STD supports Windows XP, Windows 7 and Linux. The KISS server is available now in EMEA with America and APAC following in October. On request, Kontron can deliver the server as a customer-specific solution which have been tested and independently certified.

Further information on the Kontron Industrial Silent Server KISS 4U PCI760 MIL-STD is available at: http://www.kontron.com/products/systems+and+platforms/industrial+pc++rackmount/kiss+4u+v2/kiss+4u+pci760+milstd.html

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