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Teknor further penetrates Internet infrastructure market with unique 1U open platform solution

Teknor´s DreamSpeed is a configurable customized turnkey solution that provides the necessary speed, power and scalability for today´s global Internet infrastructure

Internet Telecom (New York, NY) - - - September 19, 2000 - - Teknor Applicom Inc., a Kontron company, today revealed DreamSpeed, a 1U open platform targeted at next-generation System Integrators and independent hardware/software vendors who supply dedicated Internet infrastructure solutions deployed in B2B e-commerce sites, portals, server farms and ISP/ASP data centers. Providing a significantly faster time to market, Teknor´s DreamSpeed can be configured into a customized turnkey solution that is dedicated to several Internet network applications including, among others - SSL acceleration, load balancing, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), firewalls, caching and Web and Application servers.

"The Internet infrastructure market is growing incredibly fast, and speed is the common denominator," said Stephane Dubois, Systems Solutions Product Manager at Teknor. "With an expertise in small form factor technology and open platform designs, Teknor is strategically positioned to cater to this sector with server-type turnkey solutions that feature more of everything - processing power, functionality and, more importantly, the versatility to be designed into nearly any kind of dedicated Internet network application."

High performance, space-sensitive design
DreamSpeed features many innovations and design advantages that are simply more practical for network deployment. Size is the first consideration, as DreamSpeed is only 18" deep which makes it an extremely easy fit in any 600 mm deep rack and, as for height, this 1U small form factor allows for up to 42 units to be stacked in one cabinet. The outcome is more power in a smaller work environment which appropriately saves both valuable floor and rack space. Inside each unit are three convenient PCI expansion slots which offer the highest scalability in today´s market. Each slot can be employed by any standard PCI hardware dedicated to nearly any imaginable Internet infrastructure application - from firewalls and VPNs to load balancing and Web and Application servers.

At the heart of DreamSpeed is an ultra high performance Pentium III processor - Low Power 500MHz, up to 1 GB of SDRAM and an AC 150W and DC 150W - 48VDC power supply. The key to DreamSpeed´s design is its front bezel access to one serial port and two 10/100 Base-TX Ethernet ports which, for the end-user, translates into both fast and efficient cable maintenance. Moreover, Teknor provides an option for either one IDE CompactFlash Disk or two 3.5" hard disk drives which are capable of being used for RAID Level 1 support. Lastly, Teknor integrates its advanced Electronic Packaging Assembly Concept (E-PAC) technology which serves to simplify maintenance, resist shock and vibration and significantly reduce MTTR (mean-time-to-repair).

With a focus on low cost of ownership, time-to-market and superior customer integration, DreamSpeed is compatible with several operating systems including Linux, Windows 95/98, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 and QNX.

Price and availability
Teknor´s DreamSpeed is available immediately. Please call for pricing (OEM prices will be available).

About Teknor
Teknor Applicom, a Kontron company, is a leading supplier of applied computing solutions to OEMs and Systems Integrators for telecommunications, Internet, industrial automation and mobile computing applications. Teknor offers dedicated, high performance systems solutions, single board computers, portable computers, integrated software support and custom engineered solutions across various industry-standard platforms: CompactPCI, PCI, PCI/ISA and PC/104. As a charter member of Intel´s Applied Computing Platform Provider (ACPP) program, Teknor is firmly positioned to provide its customers with a continuous strategic technological advantage over their c

ompetitors. Teknor is also an ISO-certified company and is the only embedded computer vendor to support global customers with engineering and manufacturing resources in both North America and Europe.

Additional information about Teknor is available at www.teknor.com or by calling (450) 430-5682.

Media Relations:
Peter Matz
E-mail: matzp@teknor.com
Tel: 450/437-5682
Fax: 450/437-8053

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