ISDN, Analog Modem and Bluetooth DIMM Modules

Kontron’s Three New Telecommunications Modules for DIMM Sockets

Kontron Embedded Modules (formerly JUMPtec) is proud to announce the availability of new ISDN and analog modem telecommunication modules as well as a Bluetooth module for close range communication. These modules are credit card sized, cable-free embedded designs based on DIMM-PC® technology or application-specific mini-baseboards that employ ISA bus peripherals. The ISDN and analog modems also provide Ethernet connectivity as an option. These modules an ideal fit for OEM applications that are called on to provide flexible remote access or data collection over landline networks. The simple insertion of a DIMM module allows an unlimited variety of devices to be provided with connectivity based on one of these two landline telephony standards. The Bluetooth module addresses the growing demand for wireless data acquisition and the operation of local infrastructures using wireless peripherals. Wireless connectivity also eliminates the need for expensive dust and splash-proof connectors as well as cables.

DIMM-PC/ETIS modules are 16-bit passive ISDN adapters with an optional on-board 10 Mbps Ethernet interface. The module provides data transfer rates of 2x64 kbps and 1x14kbps, S0 interface and two B-channels. Communication can take place via the CAPI or the AT-Hayes command set. Supported operating systems include MS DOS, Windows 3.1x, 9x, NT4.0 and Linux.

DIMM-PC/ETH+MD modules are fully AT-Hayes compatible analog modems with an optional 10 Mbps Ethernet interface. Data transfer is in accordance with ITU specifications V17/22/29/32/34/90/92 for asynchronous full-duplex links. V42+, MNP2, MNP3, MNP4, MNP5 and MNP10 guarantee error-free compressed data transmission.

DIMM-PC/BT1 modules provide wireless connectivity using the industrial 2.44 GHz ISM band in accordance with the Bluetooth specification 1.1. The maximum range is approximately 10 meters with a maximum data transfer rate of 460 Kbps. Frequency changes are performed at 1600 times per second. The data encryption level can be set to between 8 and 128 bits as required. The antenna comes mounted onboard and a connector is provided for an external antenna.

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