ICS Advent Unveils Three New Digital Relay Cards and a New Digital TTL Card

New Products Are PCI Versions of Company´s Popular and Long-Selling Cards

SAN DIEGO, Calif., August 10, 2000 - ICS Advent, the premier provider of business-critical applied computing solutions, has introduced three new digital relay cards: models PCI-16REL, PCI-DIO16 and PCI-DIO32; and one new digital TTL card, model DIO24H-PCI.

The new digital relay cards are additions to the ICS Advent family of relay and isolated input cards. These cards are PCI solutions for digital control in applications such as test equipment, process control, audio switching, satellite/microwave network control and analog multiplexing where on-board relays are required and inputs must be isolated. The digital TTL card is a general-purpose card for digital I/O applications.

The PCI-16 REL model features include 16 Reed Relay Outputs (10 VA Resistive Load), DB-37 Connector for all 16 Outputs and non-destructive read-back capability. The PCI-DIO16 model offers eight Reed Relay Outputs (10 VA Resistive Load), eight Optically Isolated AC or DC Inputs (6-12 VAC/DC Range), DB-37 Connector for all eight Inputs and eight Outputs, and non-destructive read-back capability. Both of these cards are software compatible with ICS Advents PCI-DIO32 card.

ICS Advents PCI-DIO32 digital relay card takes only one PCI slot and features 16 Reed Relay Outputs (10 VA Resistive Load) and 16 Optically Isolated AC or DC Inputs (6-12 VAC/DC Range). This card also has a breakout shielded cable that goes from the high density connector on the rear of board to two DB37 connectors with male for outputs and female for isolated inputs.

The model DIO24H-PCI is a general purpose, 24-bit, digital I/O adapter for the PC and AT/386 compatible computers. Two of its most important features are its high current output (ISink =64 mA) and its ability to share a single IRQ line with multiple boards in the same PC.

All four of ICS Advents new digital cards are PCI 2.1 Compliant (seen past bridge) and offer DOS/WIN 3.1/95/98/NT/2000 I/O support, as well as Plug & Play capability.
Pricing and Availability

The four new ICS Advent digital cards are available immediately, with pricing starting as follows:
Model PCI-16REL: $269
Model PCI-DIO16: $269
Model PCI-DIO32: $415
Model DIO24H-PCI: $199
These cards are available through ICS Advents worldwide distribution network and direct sales channels. They can also be ordered on-line at www.icsadvent.com or by calling an ICS Advent sales representative at (800) 523-2320.

About ICS Advent

ICS Advent (formerly Industrial Computer Source) is the premier provider of business-critical applied computing solutions. The company, which manufactures and stocks PC platform solutions supporting Intel processors and compatible operating systems, specializes in developing customized CPU designs for the embedded market.

ICS Advents offerings include industrial rack mount computers, chassis and enclosures, single board computers, custom and high availability computers and chassis, custom hardware design and system integration. ICS Advent targets its solutions to a variety of industries, including: IP telephony, telecommunications, voice processing, broadcasting/convergence, applied computing, medical and industrial automation.

For information about ICS Advent and its products, solutions and services, please visit its website at or call (800) 523-2320.

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