ICS Advent Unveils New Analog-to-Digital Converter Card

Model PCI-AI/1216

SAN DIEGO, Calif., May 22, 2000 - ICS Advent, the premier provider of mission-critical applied computing solutions, has introduced a new analog-to-digital (A/D) converter card, Model PCI-AI/1216. This new multifunction, high-speed card provides customers with a cost efficient way to increase their data acquisition capabilities as they monitor temperature, movement and other conditions that vary continuously.
The Model PCI-AI/1216 converter card is an addition to the ICS Advent family of I/O and data acquisition products accommodating up to 16 single-ended inputs or eight differential inputs. The card is designed for use in PCI-bus computers. Because fewer computers have ISA slots for data acquisition, ICS Advents new A/D offers a cost effective way for customers to transition to PCI slots from ISA slots. The new A/D card, which has LabVIEW™ and Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT drivers, can be used with existing cards and also provides customers with expansion capabilities.
Up to 256 differential or single-ended analog inputs can be managed by using ICS Advents new PCI-AI/1216 A/D card in conjunction with its AT16-P card. Sixteen AT16DC-Ps can be cascaded on the card providing total capacity for 256 inputs to the 16-input A/D Converter. The AT16-P allows direct interface to sensors such as thermocouples and RTD inputs.

ICS Advent Introduces New A/D Card

ICS Advents new PCI-AI/1216 A/D card includes the following features:

Sixteen single-ended/eight differential analog inputs
Twelve-bit resolution, 100 ksamples/s conversions
Seven programmable voltage ranges (unipolar and bipolar)
On-board pacer clock and counter timers
Analog inputs expandable up to 256 by use of external signal conditioners/sub-multiplexers
2K samples FIFO data and point list buffers ("a" version)
Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT and LabVIEW™ software drivers

ICS Advents new Model PCI-AI/1216 is available immediately, with pricing starting at $319. The card is available through ICS Advents domestic and international distribution network and direct sales channels. It can also be ordered on-line at www.icsadvent.com or by calling a sales representative at (800) 523-2320.
About ICS Advent

ICS Advent (formerly Industrial Computer Source) is the premier provider of mission-critical applied computing solutions. The company, which manufactures and stocks PC platform solutions supporting Intel processors and compatible operating systems, specializes in developing customized CPU designs for the embedded market.
ICS Advents offerings include industrial rack mount computers, chassis and enclosures, single board computers, custom and high availability computers and chassis, custom hardware design and system integration. ICS Advent targets its solutions to a variety of industries, including: IP telephony, telecommunications, voice processing, broadcasting/convergence, applied computing, medical and industrial automation.
For information about ICS Advent and its products, solutions and services, please visit its website at www.icsadvent.com or call (800) 523-2320.

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