ICS Advent Receives ISO 9001 Certification for Quality Management System

SAN DIEGO, CA - February 15, 1999 - ICS Advent, formerly Industrial Computer Source, announces its recent ISO 9001 registration. The achievement followed an intense, year-long effort in which all aspects of the business (from pre-sales support to design, manufacturing, shipping, post-sales support, etc.) were improved throughout the company?s 130,000 square foot facility. The completion of the ISO 9001 Quality Management registration process will result in even higher levels of product quality and customer satisfaction, and will help sustain the company?s leadership in the rugged PC-compatible computer, I/O and networking arena. The ISO 9001 certification process was performed by TUV Management Service, one of the ten largest management systems registrars in Europe, North America and Asia. TUV is accredited by the Registrar Accreditation Board (RAB).
ISO 9001 is not a product standard, but a system standard whose primarypurpose is to provide suppliers with internationally recognized models foroperating a quality management system. In order to have assurance of quality across borders, the ISO 9000 series of standards, which includes ISO 9001, was adopted as the basic minimal quality management system for selling telecommunications equipment, medical devices and other products within theEuropean Union. Originally published in 1987, the ISO 9001 standard definesthe necessary components of a quality management system in broad termsapplicable to all industries. Founded in 1946 in Geneva, Switzerland, theInternational Organization for Standardization has grown to more than 100 membernations. The U.S. representative body is the American National StandardsInstitute (ANSI).
ICS Advent is recognized by industry experts such as Venture Development Corporation of Natick, MA as the North American leader in ruggedized PC-based systems. Industry trade journals like Control Design and Personal Engineering & Instrumentation News have rated ICS Advent as a top supplier of rugged PC-compatible computers, I/O and networking. In 1992 the company was acquired by Dynatech Corporation (Burlington, MA), a worldwide $325M, high-technology company serving the communications, medical, environmental and specialty products areas. For further information about ICS Advent, visit the company?s website at .

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