High Performance CompactPCI CPU with 466 MHz Celeron Processor

Built to meet the most exacting requirements

Kaufbeuren, Germany, April 19, 1999  With its innovative technology PEP Modular Computers is setting new benchmarks in the high performance computer class. The CP602 CompactPCI CPU is intended for use in the upper performance range. This system controller meets the highest application requirements in the fields of communications (e.g. telecom switching), the server market, automation engineering (e.g. with industrial controllers), image processing and in medical engineering.

The Intel Celeron processor in the 370 pin PPGA housing (Plastic Pin Grid Array) used on the CPU operates with a clock frequency of up to 466 MHz and a 128 kByte on-die full speed L2 cache. It combines outstanding performance with low power consumption.

The latest SDRAM memory technology enables a cache-able memory of up to 768 MByte using ECC technology (Error Correction). The 64-bit CompactPCI interface permits a maximum transfer rate of 264 MByte/s instead of the usual 132 MByte/s.

Apart from standard PC interfaces such as keyboard, mouse, enhanced parallel port (EPP), IDE, floppy disk, two COM and two USB interfaces, the CPU also offers a comprehensive range of flexible adaptation options. These include memory expansion ranging between 64 MByte and 768 MByte, a socket for a DiskOnChip flash module of up to 144 MByte or SRAM, two Fast Ethernet interfaces, one Ultra SCSI interface through to a slot for a PMC mezzanine module. The AGP graphics controller provides a maximum resolution of 1600x1200 pixels. Optionally, the CPU can also be ordered with a HDD or a flash-disk module.

Intelligent hardware monitoring with temperature, fan and voltage supervision as well as a battery-buffered real-time clock and a watchdog also handle applications where safety is critical.

Connections for peripherals are additionally available on the CP602 in the form of a rear I/O at the back, thus simplifying the system cabling. Ordinarily, only seven CompactPCI slots can be addressed from one CPU. However the CP602 board features a second PCI-to-PCI bridge which permits the connection of up to 14 CompactPCI slots.

The double-height CP602 will be available with software support for Windows NT and VxWorks from June 1999.

Media Contact:
Susanne Peczler
PR Manager
Email: susape@pep-kaufbeuren.de

Irene Hahner
Product Manager
Email: irenha@pep-kaufbeuren.de

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