Georges Batarsé is appointed CEO of Kontron Modular Computers SA, France

Georges Batarsé is appointed CEO of Kontron Modular Computers SA, France

Focus on expanding the market for governmental solutions

Eching, Germany, June 17, 2008 – With effect from May 6, 2008, Georges Batarsé (47) has been appointed CEO of Kontron Modular Computers SA in France.

Georges Batarsé will be responsible for quickly integrating the new Toulon based Kontron company with approx. 100 employees into the Kontron Group. One of his core goals is expanding global sales of high-end embedded computing platforms in the defense, aerospace and transportation sectors. He has taken over from Christian Baud, who has a new position in the Thales Group.

Georges Batarsé is a French national who has worked in Germany for the last 16 years. He is well-known at Kontron: From 1993 until 2000 he occupied diverse management positions at Kontron Modular Computers in Kaufbeuren, Germany (formerly PEP Modular Computers). In his last position he was Vice President of Sales. He has the cultural as well as the organizational skills and experience needed to integrate the new Kontron Modular Computers SA into the Kontron Group and expand sales in the global vertical markets.

“Georges Batarsé is a multi-cultural individual who knows Kontron and has many years of sales and management experience. This makes him the ideal person for the new Kontron operation in Toulon”, explains Ulrich Gehrmann, CEO of Kontron AG.

“My target is to generate significant growth with the former Thales Computers in the vertical market for governmental solutions. As part of the Kontron worldwide sales structure we will be able to achieve this far better than ever before. Moreover, all other Kontron operations will also benefit from our excellent access to the French market”, says Georges Batarsé.

Georges Batarsé has an engineering degree in electronics obtained at the University of Grenoble in France. Before joining PEP Modular Computers, Batarsé ran his own company, DSF Limited. Founded in 1986, DSF offered high-tech engineering services for real-time applications. In 2001, he joined National Semiconductor in Munich (Germany) as Marketing Director before working for Bernstein AG in Porta Westfalica (Germany) as Executive Vice President responsible for global sales and marketing.

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