Flexible Gigabit Ethernet on PMC


Kaufbeuren, Germany, March 27th, 2002 - Nowadays Gigabit Ethernet is the state-of-the-art in many networks. PEP Modular Computers is therefore now introducing the PMC240 Gigabit Ethernet Controller for applications with this sort of fast data handling.

This innovative module is one of the first to employ the Intel? 82546EB Controller which facilitates powerful and very versatile Gigabit Ethernet communications. The wide bandwidth of this new semiconductor technology with 32/64 bit, 33/66 MHz PCI and/or 66/133 MHz PCI-X operation corresponds to the requirements of even the most demanding of applications. Irrespective of this, the PMC240 enables for the first time in this product group the operation of the Gigabit Ethernet channels with variable configuration: Two independent channels can be realised even without the use of a PCI/PCI bridge. Consequently, there are four variants of the PMC240:2 channel glass fibre (could not be realised previously on PMC),
2 channel copper
1 channel copper and 1 channel glass fibre or
as a price-optimised single-channel solution fitted with the Intel? 82545EM.

The PMC240 Module will be available from May 2002.

Press Contact:
Susanne Peczler, Marcom Manager Kontron EMEA
Email: susanne.peczler@pep.de
Phone +49 - 8341 ? 803 341
Fax + 49 - 8341 ? 803 40 341

Contact Person:
Claudia Bestler, Product Manager
Email: claudia.bestler@pep.de

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