ETXexpress-CN7: Kontrons Fourth COM Express Module with VIA C7 and PCIe

Fourth ETXe product launch confirms Kontron´s claim to be the COM market leader

Eching/Nuremberg, Germany, February 14th  Kontron introduces the RoHS-compliant ETXexpress-CN7 Computer-On-Module, its fourth ETXexpress / COM Express-compliant module since the official launch of the PICMG COM.0 specification. This launch corroborates Kontron´s claim to global leadership in the COM market. At the same time, Kontron has announced that the number of ETXexpress modules will continue to increase in the coming months, in order to offer users continuous full PCI/PCIe scalability with the relevant processors. This also strengthens the leadership of ETXexpress / COM Express for PCIe/PCI-COM designs.

The PICMG COM.0-compliant Kontron ETXexpress-CN7 with PCI and PCI Express on board is a medium to high-end COM and a genuine alternative to Intel®-based COMs with PCI Express. It is positioned between the microETXexpress-PM and ETXexpress-PM COMs (both Intel® Pentium® M based) and, thanks to its attractive processor technology, provides a real alternative to the two Intel designs. This new board means that all the basics that newcomers to ETXexpress technology need to be able to accept the new standard for COMs with PCI and PCI Express from the beginning are now in place, even in terms of the need for scalability. Besides Intel and VIA technologies, no other manufacturer currently offers comparable solutions that support PCI Express.

The Kontron ETXexpress-CN7 uses the 1.5 GHz to 2 GHz C7 processor with a maximum power usage of 20 watts and up to 800 MHz FSB. Up to 1 GB of fast DDR2-SDRAM can be implemented either via a storage slot or optionally on board. If a customers application requires it, a VIA Eden 7 Low Power processor between 400 MHz and 1.5 GHz is available as an alternative. In terms of interfaces, 2 dedicated PCI-Express x1 lanes, PCI, LPC, 8x USB 2.0, and 4x Serial-ATA are integrated. For demanding dual graphics, the COM offers CRT and LCD/LVDS support via PCI; the sound system is AC97-compliant. High connectivity is provided by the fast Gigabit Ethernet interface. All of this is offered on an embedded module with a mere 95 mm x 125 mm.

Baseboard designs included as needed
OEMs that use not only COMs from Kontron, but also want to outsource all the hardware design can rely on the boards & MORE Custom Solutions and Services from Kontron Embedded Modules. Here, experienced developers are busy implementing the latest interface technology on baseboards for COMs and developing customized single board computers. Hundreds of layouts have already been successfully implemented and mass-produced in recent years, so that in many cases design risks can be avoided in advance, and customer-specific designs can be made ready for serial production significantly faster. For example, the confident familiarity with COMs, for instance in signal sequencing on the baseboard, is as much a matter of course for the developers as the implementation of economical designs in the smallest space, or consistent use of components with long-term availability. Professional project management from specifications to serial production and redesigns, partly at no cost, within the framework of lifecycle management round out the range of offers.

ETXexpress: the first COM-Express product family on the market
In mid-2003, Kontron kicked off the introduction of PCI Express technology in COMs. This development was later given momentum by Intel and a group of leading companies in the embedded technology industry. In January, 2004, the industry leaders formed a task force under the auspices of the PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group (PICMG). The development of the official COM-Express specification began in early 2004 and was concluded in mid-2005 with the publication of the PICMG COM.0 specification.

ETXexpress products from Kontron are based on the new COM-Express standard and are the embedded modules for the next ge

neration, providing a technological headstart for the applications of tomorrow. ETXexpress modules are configured around serial differential signal technologies and include interfaces for PCI Express (4x1, 1x16), Serial ATA, USB 2.0, LVDS, Serial DVO, and much more on an embedded module with a small form factor of 95 x 125 mm. Kontron ETXexpress modules offer the highest performance in the industry on the smallest, state-of-the-art embedded modules. In addition, with the modular construction of their embedded design, ETXexpress modules secure research and development investments and lower overall costs that accrue over their complete lifecycle. Moreover, the time to market is reduced tremendously, because everything that ETXexpress offers no longer needs to be developed.

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