EB8347: Kontron's E2Brain Computer-On-Module with Freescale MPC8347 Processor

EB8347: Kontron's E2Brain Computer-On-Module with Freescale MPC8347 Processor

RISC-based COM with integrated graphics

Eching/Nuremberg, Germany, February 14th - In time for the Embedded World exhibition, Kontron introduces the EB8347, a new Computer-On-Module that complies with the E²Brain standard for RISC-based COMs which was published 6 months ago. The E²Brain (Embedded Electronic Brain) EB8347 is based on Freescale’s MPC8347 processor (or optionally the MPC8347E) with Security Engine; its dazzling features include an integrated DVI graphics port, TTL flat panel interface, two USB 2.0 ports (480 Mbit/s), and 1008 MIPS @ 533 MHz. For the first time, two functions can be integrated into an E²Brain-based RISC system: sophisticated HMI, and real-time controls. With this level of functionality, the EB8347 is in harsh environments an excellent alternative for x86-based COMs. The virtues of RISC shine through: excellent computing power with minimal power consumption, extremely robust mechanical design – with an extended temperature range of 0°C to 70°C (optionally -40°C to +85°) – and availability of seven years or more.

Potential applications for the new E2Brain module can be found in the automation, medical technology, energy, defense, or transportation & automotive industries, to name but a few. Examples in the transportation industry include cockpit computers in cars and trains, construction machinery, or even yachts. Thanks to the maturity of the module technology, OEMs that use the EB8347 can concentrate on their core competences and significantly reduce their time to market.

Besides the attractive MPC8347 processor with integrated user interfaces, the E2Brain EB8347 boasts two Gigabit Ethernet interfaces and up to 256MB directly soldered fast DDR-SDRAM. Additional features include up to 64MB Flash, E²Prom for user and configuration data, 4 serial ports (2 terminal ports Rx/Tx, 4x 16550-compatible), an AC97 audio interface, and an interface for CompactFlash storage cards (slot on the carrier board). Furthermore, RTC, Watchdog, and temperature sensors are on board. Customer-specific expansions are connected via LPC and/or 32 bit, 33/66 MHz PCI bus interfaces. The board requires only a single 3.3 volt power supply.

An operating system-independent boot loader with network support and a Linux and VxWorks board support package are available as software support.

In-system programming is possible via an SPI interface (Serial Peripheral Interface). A JTAG/BDM interface for debugging and on-board programming round out the feature set for the developer. The E²Brain EB8347 will be available from April 2006 and evaluation baseboards will also be made available at this time.

About E²Brain modules (Embedded Electronic Brain)
E2Brain is the first open standard for exclusively RISC-based computer-on-modules (COM) which is supported by the E2Brain Interest Group, founded at the end of 2005. Besides the EB8347, Kontron has six more E2Brain modules, including evaluation kits. Other requirement-oriented E2Brain modules are in development, or will be made available by members of the interest group – second source, as needed. With the use of standardized E2Brain COMs, users no longer need to develop a new processor core for every new device development. They can focus entirely on their real task: the design of devices and the development of specific solutions. The open E2Brain – Embedded Electronic Brain – standard is distinguished by its modular concept, is scalable as needed, and is open to all types of processor architecture, communication interfaces, and I/O interfaces.

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