Diamond Systems is now a Kontron ETX® Certified Design Partner

Computer-on-Module solutions for I/O intensive small form factor applications

Eching, Germany, July 2, 2008 – Kontron and Diamond Systems have entered a strategic partnership under Kontron’s ETX® Certified Design Partner program that bundles Kontron’s highly scalable ETX Computer-on-Modules with Diamond Systems’ small form factor boards for I/O intensive data acquisition applications.

With this agreement, Diamond Systems becomes the tenth global member and the fifth North American member of Kontron’s constantly expanding network of ETX® Certified Design Partners. The ETX® Certified Design Partner Program offers OEMs comprehensive certified carrier board design services for modular embedded computing platforms based on the ETX® and COM Express™ Computer-on-Module standards.

As a Kontron ETX® Certified Design Partner, Diamond Systems will deliver off-the-shelf and customized carrier boards for embedded applications that require state-of-the-art analog and digital I/O technology and extensive serial communications. Diamond Systems will supply these boards with one of the wide range of highly scalable Kontron ETX® Computer-on-Modules to provide system OEMs with complete single board solutions that exactly meet the budget, energy consumption and performance requirements of their individual data acquisition applications. OEMs benefit by receiving fully integrated, highly scalable and cost-effective carrier board solutions with Computer-on-Modules from a single source. This eliminates the need to manage multiple suppliers and ensures fast application development and evaluation for quicker time-to-market.

Diamond Systems’ EPIC-based ETX® carrier board, for example, includes a wide range of standard embedded computer interfaces including 6 serial interfaces plus the industry’s widest set of I/O features: 32 analog inputs, 4 analog outputs, 24 digital I/Os, 8 opto-isolated digital inputs, 8 opto-isolated digital outputs, 2 counter/timers for A/D sample rate control, event counting/timing and programmable interrupts. A PC/104-plus expansion slot for fast implementation of OEMs’ individual I/O expansions rounds off the feature set. Custom specific carrier boards are available upon request. The Universal Driver software supports C programming under Windows and Linux.

“OEMs specializing in I/O intensive applications receive a number of benefits from this bundle, such as auto-calibration for highly accurate data acquisition under all conditions”, explains Matthias Huber, Director of Kontron America’s Embedded Modules Division. “Temperature- and time-dependent measurement drifts can be eliminated since the EPIC-based ETX® carrier board calibrates as often as needed in just a few seconds to ensure accurate readings in all environments.”

“The comprehensive Kontron family of ETX® Computer-on-Modules offers highly scalable and low-power CPU performance up to the latest multi-core processors and chipsets from all major suppliers. Since all interfaces on all the latest Kontron ETX® COMs have the same API structure, it is very easy to interchange modules, enabling us to simply select the right COM according to our customers’ needs. System upgrades are also easy. This is exactly what we required to add even more value to our best-in-class data acquisition I/O features. We can now offer our customers not only industry-leading I/O features, but also superior COM-based solutions and increased configuration flexibility”, adds Jonathan Millar, President of Diamond Systems.

More information about the Kontron ETX® Certified Design Partner Program, including the full list of certified partners, is available at: http://www.etx-cdp.com.

More information about Kontron ETX® Computer-on-Modules is available at: http://www.kontron.com/ETX

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