CompactPCI CPUs with Passive Cooling

Twice the power

Kaufbeuren, Germany, March 25, 1999 - PEP Modular Computer, supplier of 3U and 6U CompactPCI and VME products, has doubled the processor speed of CompactPCI CPUs.

Achieving these new dimensions of performance is possible through the use of passive cooling (i.e. without fan). A 266MHz processor speed with passive cooling is supplied now both with the 3U CPU board CP312 and with the 6U variants CP600, CP610 and CP611. The CPUs provided with the described processor performance can be run also within the extended temperature range (-250 C to +750 C), a feature that was possible up to now only with a 133 MHz VRT Pentium processor.

The CPUs with extended capacity are suited especially for implementations in the fields of process control, process automation, automotion, etc. with all applications designed for rugged environmental conditions. Running an application in the extended temperature range using passive cooling really demonstrates the power of PEP CPUs to perform.

In addition to the 266 MHz version with passive cooling, the CPUs CP312 as well as the CP600, CP610 and CP611 are now available also as 366 MHz versions for normal operating temperature, a capacity that was in the past only found in the desktop class.

The PEP CompactPCI processor boards run under VxWorks, QNX and WindowsNT. Additional operating systems are avalilable on request.

Media Contact:
Susanne Peczler
PR Manager

Irene Hahner
Product Manager

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