Ad-Hoc: Kontron AG announces share buyback

Eching, Munich, January 25, 2008. Today, the management board of Kontron AG has passed a resolution, based on the authorization of the Annual General Meeting of June 27, 2007, to repurchase up to 1,500,000 company shares, equaling up to 3 % of the company’s equity capital.

The buyback of shares will be conducted by way of the stock exchange. According to the authorization, the price the company pays for the shares (excluding incidental acquisition costs) must not exceed or fall below the respective closing price in XETRA trading (or a functionally comparable subsequent system replacing the XETRA system) on the Frankfurt stock exchange on the trading day preceding the buyback by more than 10 %.

Investor Relations:
Gaby Moldan
Kontron AG
Oskar-von-Miller-Str. 1,
85386 Eching Schloss Fußberg,
Tel: 08165/77212, Fax 08165/77222

For further information:
Dr. Udo Nimsdorf
Engel & Zimmermann AG
Agentur für Wirtschaftskommunikation
Am Schlosspark 15,
82131 Gauting
Tel. 089-89 35 633, Fax: 089-89 39 84 29
Email :

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