CG2300 Carrier Grade Server

Carrier Grade Server
  • Dual Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v3 16-Core Series (32C, 64T per 2S E5 system)
  • 16 slot, 8 channel support of DDR4 RDIMM/LRDIMM;
  • Supports 2048GB maximum (with 128GB DIMM)
  • Optimized for PCI-E IO card implementation with PCI-E riser and LP card support;
  • Hot-Swap 2.5” SAS HDDs / SATA SSDs
  • Hot swap, redundant fans
  • Integrated BMC (iBMC) with advanced options
  • Front panel: 1 serial, 1 USB 2.0
  • Rear panel: 2 USB 2.0, 2x USB 3.0, 1 onboard management NIC port
  • Dual rear GbE NIC ports
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Dual 16-Core Intel Xeon E5-2600 v3 Processor Series

The Kontron CG2300 carrier grade communication rack mount server will support Dual Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v3 16-Core Series (32C, 64T per 2S E5 system).

Telecom, network and broadcast equipment vendors seeking new high performance system level designs will appreciate the boost in dual-socket, 16-core processing power, complemented by an optimized I/O and storage feature set, with either dual redundant AC or DC power options.

This 20” deep ruggedized server is built to meet NEBS level-3 compliance and is backed by an extended lifecycle.



CG2300 Datasheet
[ kontron_cg2300_ds.pdf, 1.37 mb, 09.04.2015 ]


CG2300 Installation and Maintenance Guide
Installation and Maintenance Guide v1.3
This manual is for trained system technicians who are responsible for assembling/integrating systems, configuring hardware, troubleshooting, upgrading and maintaining this server. This document provides a brief overview of the features of the system followed by a list of accessories or other components available for purchase, instructions for how to add or replace components in the CG2300 server, and troubleshooting information.
[ cg2300_i-mguide_1-3.pdf, 7.32 mb, 20.04.2016 ]


CG2300 BIOS Recovery
*** BIOS Recovery Procedure *** In the unlikely event the BIOS is corrupted, leaving the system in an unbootable state, it may be necessary to perform the following recovery procedure found in the downloadable BIOS Recovery Procedure.
[ cg2300_bios_recovery.pdf, 0.6 mb, 22.09.2015 ]

CG2300 Software Update Package
This SUP03 update package includes the following system software updates:
BMC 01.41.9579
BIOS 01.01.0015
Please read the CG2300_SUP03_Update_Instructions.txt carefully prior to updating the firmware on your system. IMPORTANT: Do not power off or reset the system while the update is in progress. Do not interrupt the BIOS POST during the first system reboot.
[, 20.09 mb, 03.05.2016 ]


Kontron Deployment Assistant (KDA) image for SD media
This is the Kontron Deployment Assistant (KDA) image (iso) for the CG2300. Refer to CG2300 KDA "HowTo Generate Bootable SDCard or USBStick from ISO" to make the ISO image usable onto a SD card or USB Stick.
[, 1512.22 mb, 28.09.2015 ]

How To Generate Bootable SD Card or USB Stick from ISO
Download pdf for standard procedure on how to create a CG2200 KDA SD Card or USB stick from the live CD .iso.
[ cg2300_bootable_iso.pdf, 0.59 mb, 03.05.2016 ]

SNMP Sub-Agent Stand-alone Intel Server Management Utility [eingeschränkter Download]
Intel® SNMP Subagent v7.0
Build #20
[, 168.01 mb, 03.02.2016 ]

Technical Info

CG2300 Technical Product Specification
CG2300 Technical Product Specification v1.3
The Technical Product Specification covers the chassis hardware, cables, connectors, system boards, the power subsystem, and regulatory requirements.
[ cg2300_tps_1-3.pdf, 3.46 mb, 20.04.2016 ]

Intel® Server Board S2600CW Family
[ s2600cw_tps_v1_12.pdf, 4.85 mb, 20.04.2016 ]

Intel Remote Management Module 3 (RMM3) User Guide - Revision 1.1
Intel Remote Management Module 4 (RMM4) User Guide - Revision 2.8
This User Guide is intended for system technicians who are responsible for monitoring their server systems with the Intel® Integrated BMC Web Console.
As a system administrator, you can use the Intel® Integrated BMC Web Console to gain location-independent remote access to respond to critical incidents.
You can use the Intel® RMM4 to install, update, and monitor your operating system.
[ intel_rmm3_userguide_1_1.pdf, 5.55 mb, 27.11.2013 ]

Compatibility Matrix

THOL - Tested Hardware and Operating System List
THOL - Tested Hardware and Operating System List v1.1 This document is intended to provide users of the Kontron CG2300 Carrier Grade Server with a list of the operating systems, adapter cards, and peripherals tested by Kontron on this server platform. The CG2300 is integrated using the Intel® Server Board S2600CW.
[ cg2300_thol_1.1.pdf, 0.44 mb, 21.04.2016 ]

RAID Drivers

Intel LSISAS3008 RAID FW Update
Flash package = v24.10.0-0020
[, 39.94 mb, 18.12.2015 ]

Ordering Guide

CG2300 Configuration Guide
Configuration Guide 1.05
This document serves as an ordering reference guide, providing details on what parts are available from Kontron for the CG2300 Carrier Grade Server and its associated accessories and spares. Included are the necessary order codes and other important configuration information related to the ordering of the product. Supported third-party components are not covered by this document, and may be found in the Tested Hardware and Operating System List (THOL) of the CG2300.
[ cg2300_configguide_1_05.pdf, 1.48 mb, 20.04.2016 ]

Test Reports

EMC Electro Magnetic Compliancy[Emissions], AC [eingeschränkter Download]
AC power supply, Emissions
[ cg2300-ac-279276-1trfemc-emissions-.pdf, 2.29 mb, 06.01.2016 ]

EMC Electro Magnetic Compliancy[Immunity], AC [eingeschränkter Download]
AC power supply, Immunity
[ cg2300-ac-279276-2trfemc-immunity-.pdf, 2.15 mb, 06.01.2016 ]

EMC Electro Magnetic Compliancy[EN 300 386], AC [eingeschränkter Download]
AC power supply, EN 300 386
[ cg2300-ac-289953-3trfemc-en-300-386-.pdf, 2.66 mb, 06.01.2016 ]

EMC Electro Magnetic Compliancy[Emissions], DC [eingeschränkter Download]
DC power supply, Emissions
[ cg2300-dc-290739-1trfemc-emissions-.pdf, 1.82 mb, 06.01.2016 ]

EMC Electro Magnetic Compliancy[Immunity], DC [eingeschränkter Download]
DC power supply, Immunity
[ cg2300-dc-290739-2trfemc-immunity-.pdf, 1.57 mb, 06.01.2016 ]

EMC Electro Magnetic Compliancy[EN 300 386], DC [eingeschränkter Download]
DC power supply, EN 300 386
[ cg2300-dc-290739-5trfemc-en-300-386-.pdf, 2.48 mb, 06.01.2016 ]

KCC Korea Certificate [eingeschränkter Download]
KCC Korea Certificate
[ msip-certi_cg2300_15.07.23.pdf, 0.75 mb, 06.01.2016 ]

CoC Certificate of Conformity [eingeschränkter Download]
[ cg2300_ce_doc_t4205.pdf, 0.14 mb, 06.01.2016 ]

Tech Spec Sheet

Tech Specs KISS
[ tech-specs-kiss.pdf, 0.51 mb, 29.02.2016 ]


Kontron Services Brochure
[ kontron-services-brochure.pdf, 0.37 mb, 19.11.2015 ]



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