26 Port 6U CPCI and VME GbE Switch, PICMG 2.16 and VITA 31.1 compliant, 2x 10GbE or 2x 1GbE fiber uplinks
  • Leading edge technology based on BCM563X chip
  • Non-blocking layer 2 & 3 switching & routing
  • Standard air, rugged air cooled and conduction cooled version
  • 24x Gigabit Ethernet Ports, 2x 10GbE via SFP+ or 2x 1GbE via SFP on air cooled switches
  • 24 GbE rear IO ports on conduction cooled version
  • Hot swap, IPMI
  • Fully managed Layer 2 & 3, full IPv6 support
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State-of-the-art CompactPCI VME PICMG 2.16 VITA 31.1 Switch in various configurations

Kontron CP6924 is a 6U hot-swappable CPCI and VITA 31 switch with 24 ports and two 10GbE or 1GbE high performance uplinks. The CP6924 provides built-in switching capacity for CompactPCI and VITA 31.1 installations at an unsurpassed price/performance ratio by implementing the latest switching technology.
It applies to VoIP installations such as Call Servers, MediaGateways and Trunking Gateways in wireline and wireless networks, as well as VoIP systems in enterprise networks with high demands on performance.

3 versions are available:

  • CP6924-1-RA-OC with L2/3 management, 24 copper ports and 2x 10GbE SFP+, rugged air cooled, extended temperature range
  • CP6924-1-SA-OC-V with L2 management, 24 copper ports and 2x 1GbE SFP, standard air cooled, standard temperature range
  • CP6924-1-RC with L2/3 management, 24 copper ports, conduction cooled according VITA47

Legacy versions CP6924-RA-OC, CP6924-SA-OC-V, and CP6924-RC have different storage capacity and carry a legacy version of the management package.




CP6924 Data Sheet
[ ds-cp6924-1.pdf, 0.35 mb, 01.08.2016 ]


CP6924 User Guide [eingeschränkter Download]
[ cp6924-user-guide-v1.1.pdf, 2.02 mb, 16.02.2015 ]

CP6924 CLI Reference Manual [eingeschränkter Download]
[ cp6924-cli-reference-manual-v1.1.pdf, 6.1 mb, 14.01.2016 ]

CP6924-RA-A User Guide [eingeschränkter Download]
[ cp6924-ra-a-user-guide-v1.1.pdf, 1.28 mb, 14.01.2016 ]

CP6924-RA-A CLI Reference Manual [eingeschränkter Download]
[ cp6924-ra-a-cli-reference-manual-v1.0.pdf, 5.96 mb, 14.01.2016 ]

CP6924 Errata [eingeschränkter Download]
[ cp6924-errata-v2.01.0001.pdf, 0.06 mb, 14.01.2016 ]

CP6924-1 User Guide [eingeschränkter Download]
[ cp6924-1-user-guide-v1.0.pdf, 1.96 mb, 14.01.2016 ]

CP6924-1 CLI Reference Manual [eingeschränkter Download]
[ cp6924-1-cli-reference-manual-v1.0.pdf, 5.79 mb, 14.01.2016 ]

CP6924-1-RA-A User Guide [eingeschränkter Download]
[ cp6924-1-ra-a-user-guide-v1.1.pdf, 1.28 mb, 14.01.2016 ]

CP6924-1-RA-A CLI Reference Manual [eingeschränkter Download]
[ cp6924-1-ra-a-cli-reference-manual-v1.0.pdf, 5.97 mb, 14.01.2016 ]


CP6924 Firmware update package [eingeschränkter Download]
This package contains the firmware files in order to update the CP6924 to GA 2.01
- Switching firmware
- IPMI firmware
- MIB files
- Product documentation
- Update instructions

md5sum: 90fb18d8055941963effdf6a3aa496ff
NOTE: If you're running BETA software on the CP6924, please contact Kontron Support for assistance.
[ cp6924-ga2.01_r11.zip, 68.92 mb, 04.02.2015 ]


Kontron Services Brochure
[ kontron-services-brochure.pdf, 0.37 mb, 19.11.2015 ]


CP-RIO6-923 Rear Transition Modul für die PICMG2.16 Switches CP6923, CP6924, CP6925 and CP6930 more



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