Processor AMC based on Freescale™ QorIQ P5020
  • Dual-Core P5020/64 bit up to 2.2 GHz
  • Up to 8 GB fast dual-channel ECC DDR3
  • Up to 5x GbE, 2x PCIe x4 or 2x sRIO x4 (1.3/2.1)
  • SATA to Backplane and onboard Flash Module (max. 32 GB)
  • Useable in managed (with MCH) and unmanaged (without MCH) systems
  • Freescale longevity program: min. 10 years

Control Plane Processor AMC module

The Kontron AdvancedMC™ processor module AM4150 incorporates the high-performance Freescale™ QorIQ P5020 dual core processor with cores based on the e5500 Power Architecture®. With high-speed frame managers and multiple high-speed connections like Serial Rapid IO (1.3/2.1) and PCI Express, the Kontron AM4150 meets highest processing requirements. To support maximum throughput and low latency, the Kontron AM4150 provides a fast dual-channel memory of up to 8 GB ECC DDR3 RAM.
The AM4150 provides flexible configuration of high-speed fabrics. On AMC ports 4-7, 4xSERDES lines can be configured either as PCI Express (root complex or end point) or Serial Rapid IO (host or agent). AMC ports 8-11may be configured either for Serial Rapid IO or PCI Express or up to 3x GbE. In addition, the Kontron AM4150 supports three Gigabit Ethernet channels. Either 2x GbE on AMC ports 0,1 plus 1x GbE at the front or 2xGbE at the front and port 0 on the backplane.



Datasheet AM4150
[ datasheet_am4150.pdf, 0.96 mb, 22.01.2016 ]

Datasheet for the Linux BSP D0C01
[ datasheet_lin_bsp_d0c01_am4150.pdf, 0.87 mb, 22.01.2016 ]

Datasheet Wind River VxWorks BSP for D0C01 platform
[ dat_vxw69_bsp_d0c01_r10_01.pdf, 0.95 mb, 05.11.2014 ]


AM4150 User Manual [eingeschränkter Download]
[ 1051-5040_20_sk-man-am4150.pdf, 0.91 mb, 27.11.2013 ]

AM4150 Introduction Manual
[ 1051-5040_20_sk-man-am4150_introduction.pdf, 0.34 mb, 27.11.2013 ]

AM4150 IPMI Firmware User Manual
[ 1052-5679_10_sk-man-am4150-ipmi-fw.pdf, 0.28 mb, 27.11.2013 ]

AM4150 U-Boot Bootloader User Manual
[ 1052-5678_10_sk-man-am4150-u-boot.pdf, 0.19 mb, 27.11.2013 ]


BSP for Wind River VxWorks 6.9.2 (Release Candidate)  [eingeschränkter Download]
md5sum: 3e3c818ca66210345b393b4d89fde1b5
[, 5.81 mb, 27.11.2013 ]


Linux BSP and Eval image for AM4150 R11 [eingeschränkter Download]
The Eval image contains Linux root file-system, Kontron drivers,demo applications supporting the board features. The BSP provides source packages of Kontron drivers, libraries and demo applications.
MD5SUM: 06e3eb0a17e873a54ec5f8217c564db5
[ lin-bsp-d0c01.r11.tar.bz2, 112.29 mb, 27.11.2013 ]

BSP for Wind River Linux 4.3 [eingeschränkter Download]
md5sum: 07D712069F45A786108C62C363665B3F
[, 120.53 mb, 27.11.2013 ]


Kontron Services Brochure
[ kontron-services-brochure.pdf, 0.37 mb, 19.11.2015 ]



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