Embedded SBCs & PC/104 Boards

Kontron Standalone Single Board Computer (SBC) sind als konsistente Produktfamilie erhältlich. So können Zubehör und Gehäuse durchgängig wiederverwendet werden. Kontron ist Ihr idealer Partner für off-the-shelf Boards in allen Leistungsklassen und Formfaktoren Die Time-to-Market ist gleich Null. Warten Sie nicht länger, sondern startern Sie noch heute.

3.5 Embedded SBCs (JRex)

Embedded SBCs - in 3.5" (JRex). Serving as the best scaleable off-the-shelf-board solution - with up to Pentium M performance. Offering patented JFLEX IO, PC/104 and PCI/104-only expansions.


JRexplus-LX - 3,5" Single Board Computer mit AMD® Geode™ LX800 low power CPU.

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EPIC sized Embedded SBC serve as the ultimate crossover of the best proven embedded PC/104 IO expansion concept with the ATX-motherboard-like full featured frontplate IO access. The best scaleable off-the-shelf-board solution - with up to Pentium M perfor

Mobile Flatpanel SBC

Do you need an ultraflat Single Board computer to be mounted directly behind the Flatpanel? So the uFLATseries (ePanel-product-family) will be your first choice! These are full featured SBCs with a very low height, basing whether on Geode or VIA EDEN ESP


MOPS PC/104 family present the largest consistent single board family - full accessory re-use is a fact - making easiest up and downgrades very easy and extremely cost effective. Choose from lowest power up to Pentium M - MOPS serve every performance clas


AMD™ LX800 500 MHz lüfterlos, DDR-SODIMM, CRT/LCD, 2x COM, 2x USB, LPT/IDE/LAN, 16 Bit ISA I/O Support (ISA; PCI)

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